Doggyspace Community Guidelines

Updated October 28th 2010

Here are some simple guidelines for you to follow while you are on Doggyspace. They were developed to help everyone to continue to enjoy themselves while they are on the site, and to provide some clarity if any users were in doubt.

We ask that you abide by the community guidelines at all times while you are here. Beyond the general guidelines you must abide by the terms of service at all times.

Doggyspace was developed for dog lovers, and their furry friends, and thus why it is called Doggyspace "A Doggy's Place". The point of the site is for members to have fun while visiting the site, and to make many friends that will last you a lifetime, while working together as a community to change the world.


1. You are free to police yourself, if you do not like someone don't be their friend.

2. Businesses must have a business profile with the "Biz Tag", otherwise it's spam.

3. Non-Profit Organizations (NPO) on Doggypace must have a NPO profile on Doggyspace that is verified before they can ask for donations, or hold events. This does not mean members cannot post a journal telling their friends about a local shelter that is in need of funds.

4. No sending private messages or posting comments promoting products or soliciting members (spam). This does not in any way mean you cannot share sites, chip-ins, vote request with friends that want to receive such information, however if you are sending bulk quantity of anything related to the above in such a manner that would qualify your actions as spam or upset the receivers then this would apply to you. If you do not know if your friend's would mind you soliciting them, you can always ask them, or just post whatever it is you want to share in a private journal where all your friends can see it and share it with their friends.

Thats all you need to keep in mind while on the site, have fun!


Doggyspace HQ