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Papa's coming home!!
That's me waiting for the car to pull up in the driveway. And when I see my Papa I'm going to do my happy dance.
THIS IS GREAT GREAT NEW SHILOH !! DADDIES COMING HOME . WOO HOO !! HOPE YOUVE GOT A NICE CUP OF TEA READY FUR HIM !! WELCOME HOME DAD FROM THE THREE OF US !! ORBI AND STAM AND DAD XXX :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:
Your dad missed you too! Now that he's home you need to take good care of him. :heart:
Yippie, daddy's home - happy dance. :smilevictory:
Join me in my happy dance
After Papa's unplanned helicopter ride into Nashville Sunday they will be returning him, in a much less spectacular manner, to Lebanon today where he ... (read more)
will continue to keep you and your family in our prayers...get well fast.... :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:...
Get well Papa!!!!! :musicnote: :musicnote: :musicnote: :musicnote: :musicnote: :musicnote: :musicnote: :musicnote:...
Get well soon! Love Paco :bandaid: :heart:...
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Tommy says Goodbye
Angel Willie's Mom saw this picture of an unusual cloud formation over NY this week. I think it's Tommy's way of saying Goodbye.
What a remarkable cloud! It does look like Tommy, and what a beautiful tribute to him and his Dad! :heart:
So NOW do you humans believe all dogs go to heaven?? That's just our Tommy letting his Dad know he is a healthy, young boy again and sends tons of love to him for being an amazing Dad. We love you Tommy...heaven is going to be even more heavenly now!! :heart: :heart: :angle1: :heart: :heart:
:heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:
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Look what they did to my car!!
The car can be replaced, Papa is still in ICU with broken ribs and sternum but improving. Mum is fine and thankful I wasn't with them. The other drive... (read more)
Shiloh, prayers for a quick recovery for your Dad :heart: :bandaid: :heart: :bandaid: :heart: We are so glad that your mom is OK and that you wer...
OMD!!!!! I will keep your dad in our prayers. So glad you were not in the car. Cars can be replaced - people and dogs can't!!! :heart: :bone:...
So glad your all all right....hope you recover fast, your in our thoughts and prayers... :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:...
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Tommy Tunes Hall of Fame
Dogs and owners that go above and beyond welcoming and helping others on Doggyspace.
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Thank you, Leo
I received a yellow ball in honor and rememberance of Angel Brooklyn from my pal Leo today. I will, forever, remember Brooklyn.!!
:heart: :heart: :heart: :greenball: :greenball: :greenball:
:heart: :heart: :heart:
:heart: :tennisball: :heart:
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Rainbow Doggies
Hey this group is for ALL doggies anyone can join!!! It is for rainbow dogies(ALL DIFFERENT KINDS OF DOGS) so ATTENTION EVERYONE IF YOU LIKE FUN THIS ... (read more)
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Road warrior
We're home!! I accepted a job assignment in FL keeping an eye on my 2 cousin dogs. My human brother didn't want to leave them in a kennel and he knew ... (read more)
You are the best dog for the assignment, Shiloh. Welcome home! :heart: :heart:...
Great picture Shiloh, so glad you had a nice trip....wish we could have met you.... :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:...
Great photo!!!...
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Florida trip
Tiara greets Shiloh; a wonderful time was had by all.
Looks like a fun time with great fur friends! :heart:
Shi-pup. Nice picture. Hope to see you at lunch time. Katie :heart:
what a wonderful meeting! Thanks for sharing! Love Paco :heart: :heart: :heart:
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Beach bum
Finally got to do some beach walking, that's a treat for a land locked Tennessean.
What a pretty beach babe! Bet you drove the boys wild. :heart:
Have fun at the beach Miss Shiloh...Watch out for those pesky sand crabs!!! :heart: :toysball: :heart:
You look pretty happy on the beach!! :toysdolphin: :heart: :heart:
Six wonderful years!!
It's OUR anniversary soon and I wondered how many of you remembered that first summer? I discovered our cyber world just a few days before Tommy Tunes... (read more)
Dear Shiloh, you're always sweet and wise! I joined Doggyspace on December 2008... And I got here a lot of friends! Thanks for your post! Love Paco ...
Omg, wow time sure does fly among the best fur friends dogs like us could have. We joined early fall that same year of your joining Shiloh. We have al...
Congratulations Shiloh! I joined right after my 1st barkday. So I have been here since November 30, 2011 and I will be 4 this November! Golden Kiss...
Hola esery pawdi. Mi is barks to lets all mi amigos (as) know it rains here now. Papa no let us outsides fur while cause there bigger dust storm, n... (read more)
:heart: I hope no one scares you with all them :4thworks: make sure you stay inside by your family and you will be safe..xoxoxoxoox my darling sweet ...
:4thcal: Have a very safe day! we love you little :chiwawa: xoxoxo Gabby & Angel...
:4thflat: Here's you a :4thhat: to keep that water off of you when you go outside! stay safe! xoxoxoxo Prince...
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Close up
Here's looking atcha, Tommy.
Beautiful. :heart: :heart:
Shiloh you are such a pretty girl! You have the sweetest face. Love, Molly and my Mom
Your resting but always ALERT huh Shiloh? :heart: :heart: :heart:
tanks eserypawdy
Hola! Eserypawdy. mi is stop by to barks tanks fur all B-Days wisheses. Mi is stay insides to be nice an cool in summertimes. Mi is send BIGGER CHI... (read more)
Hey Mr.Whimpers! DS don't offer no Sombreo's so this :4thhat: will have to do to keep that hot sun off you and keep you cool! "Happy Birthday" my fr...
Hi Mi Amigo We love you forever! and ever! you just keep having them "Happy Happy Birthday's! xoxoxoxo Precious & Tasha :bearballoons:...
:mchochip: :bcake1: You stay cool our dear friend! we are so glad you had a wonderful Birthday! xoxoxoox Gabby & Angel...