Hola esery pawdi. Mi is barks to lets all mi amigos (as) know it rains here now. Papa no let us outsides fur while cause there bigger dust storm, n... (read more)
:heart: I hope no one scares you with all them :4thworks: make sure you stay inside by your family and you will be safe..xoxoxoxoox my darling sweet ...
:4thcal: Have a very safe day! we love you little :chiwawa: xoxoxo Gabby & Angel...
:4thflat: Here's you a :4thhat: to keep that water off of you when you go outside! stay safe! xoxoxoxo Prince...
Shiloh posted image
Close up
Here's looking atcha, Tommy.
Beautiful. :heart: :heart:
Shiloh you are such a pretty girl! You have the sweetest face. Love, Molly and my Mom
Your resting but always ALERT huh Shiloh? :heart: :heart: :heart:
tanks eserypawdy
Hola! Eserypawdy. mi is stop by to barks tanks fur all B-Days wisheses. Mi is stay insides to be nice an cool in summertimes. Mi is send BIGGER CHI... (read more)
Hey Mr.Whimpers! DS don't offer no Sombreo's so this :4thhat: will have to do to keep that hot sun off you and keep you cool! "Happy Birthday" my fr...
Hi Mi Amigo We love you forever! and ever! you just keep having them "Happy Happy Birthday's! xoxoxoxo Precious & Tasha :bearballoons:...
:mchochip: :bcake1: You stay cool our dear friend! we are so glad you had a wonderful Birthday! xoxoxoox Gabby & Angel...
Shiloh posted image
Barkday gifts, 2014
Gifts from my very generous Birthday Buddy, Tashi
Those look great! Enjoy those great gifts from a great friend. :heart: :heart:
Pawsome!!!! WOW! :star: :star: :star:
Those sure look like fun and yummy gifts for your Birthday, Shiloh! We're so glad you had a great one! :heart: :heart: :cake3:
Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts.
For so many thoughtful birthday wishes, from such wonderful 'furends.' Mum is a little caught up in the whole thing and has become weepy (with joy) o... (read more)
:heart: :heart: :dog2: We are proud to have you for a friend too, Shiloh. Lots of love & hugs from Millie & Gypsy. :vicecream:...
Happy birthday my dear friend. :heart:...
So glad you had a wonderful birthday sweet Shiloh! So many wonderful memories have been made and shared on DS :D I'll be 7 on my birthday too and Mom ...
Reba Messina - Angel 11/8/12 posted image
My Close Up
Reba at 14
Thank you everydoggy and body for remembering me! Love to you all! :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:
What a sweet face. :bone: :heart:
You are so sweet Angel Reba... :heart: :heart:
Another attempt to add a photo to a journal entry
OK, here I go
Even with step by step instructions our secretary still can't seem to get it. Maybe cuz we use a iPad? Or maybe she's just an airhead. :heart:
Once you get the complete steps on how to do it you can follow them and it becomes pretty easy to do.... :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:
Its not easy.....we have had troubles too and have to use chrome or they wont post at all !! Great job posting :) :smilevictory:
Is Charlotte my Secret Bunny?
She is a newer furend and, sadly, (looking ashamed) one who I have not conversed with often. She is indeed ALL black and a female and related to a few... (read more)
Oops, forgot to change it to me, that's my angel brother Tyson....
So what gave us away? Was it the black dog and my sibling is also on DS. We thought when mom went to Florida and mailed the card that might have given...
DUH; Charlotte's Mom and my Mum converse on FB - my Mum is just SLOW. :doghouse2: now she's somewhere!! :smilesmirk:...
Tanks you
Hola eserypawdy. Miis barks fur the gurls (as mi like say the montersin the house), Msm Bella an Ms Hikari and Ms Kuri is happi fur all wishes. Them ... (read more)
Hello Mr Whimpers and all girls in your family. Love to you all. xx...
Tanks Mr. Whimpers and Girls! We wish you a Happy Easter! :heart: :easterbunny: :easteregg1: Tommy & Freddy Girl...
Did we do this right?
Transferred a test picture from Photobucket, hope this works.
BOL...Did Tashi's mom just call us all monkeys? okay where are the bananas. mummy said she would read it and try to follow instructions but she may have to go to monkey school first...Bol
Mine won't post either and Tommy Tunes sent Mom an email describing it step by step..grrrr.
We have never been able to figure out how to post pics in a journal. We would love to be able to figure it out. Mommy has so many pics on her computer that she would love to share. :heart: :heart: :heart:
Shiloh posted image
Easter 2014 Gifts
My nose knows these are good things.
wow! Jackpot and a great SP! :heart: :heart:
Thanks for your comments to Meika and I, buddy! Enjoy your gifts! Hoppy Easter and God Bless! :heart: :bone: :cookie2: :pugpugheart:
Whoaa! That's a Treasure Chest! :heart: :easterbunny:
Easter delivery arrived
And because Mum and I are still wearing our dunce caps (still are not able to add a photo to a journal entry AND figure out our Secret Bunny identity)... (read more)
Oh I know who your paw is too! Just like Slater and Chase.....hmmmm...I'm sure you will sniff her out Miss Shiloh! :heart:...
We think maybe we know who she is. She is a sweetie! :heart:...
Bol @ Chase..I think I may know who it is too...
Shiloh posted image
Easter delivery
Lots of goodies from my Secret Bunny.
Nummy, nummy care to share :heart: :heart:
Can't be too prepared for that midday snack attack! :heart: :easterbunny:
A nice stash ya got there, pretty Shiloh! :heart: :heart: :heart:
Barks to all Amigos
Mi wants to Barks to all Amigos (as) on DS. Mi is barks fur eseryone in house (Momo, Bella, Hoshi, Hikari, Kuri). We wants to says we is hopes esery... (read more)
Hi Mr. Whimpers! How have you been? we sure miss seeing you around. Our mama wants to send you a gift from us but we need your address you can send it...
Hi there mr whimpers. Have a good week my pal :heart:...
Hey Mr Whimpers! Soon even the far north will see some warming. Spring is the greatest time, enjoy it!!! :heart:...
Shiloh posted image
Secret Easter Paw
Card arrived from my Secret Paw. Who can it be?
Aww, such a pretty girl you are, Shiloh! You will have to sniff really hard, as it seems hard to figure out, our friend! Maybe more clues will come to you before Easter weekend! :heart: :heart: :easterbunny:
Shiloh, I didn't know you could read!! Wow, I'm impressed :smilesmirk:
Looks like you are doing some serious thinking. :heart: