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Ciao Bella (Mixed)
Current Mood Sleepy
Age 3 years
Birthday January 22, 2011
Gender Female
Favorite Toy my sister cat Sasha (but she doesn't like to play :( )
Favorite Activity sleeping, Indydog 500, doing tricks
Favorite Food PEANUT BUTTER!!!
Pet-Peeves going to bed, baths (who needs 'em!)
Tricks sit, stay, give paw/pound, walk on hind legs
Number of Friends 26


Hey everybody!!! Sorry I haven't been on much... mom's got the opposable thumbs to work the computer and she doesn't get to go on here much :( but I wanted to say thanks for all the goodies!! Hopefully we can be on again soon and say hi to everyone... hope ya'll are having a great summer... love & nuzzles <3

about me

Hi my name is Ciao Bella, I am 5 months old and am looking for friends... not many dogs here in my neighborhood :( I need to socialize! Come! Play! Stay! A little about me: I am a NC rescue, was sponsored by CARE and Coalition for Unchained Dogs. My soon-to-be foster mommy, Amy, worked at a local veterinary hospital and posted my picture on Facebook (a pic of me when I was about 7 weeks old)... and this is where mommy fell in love with me! Mom then call her her best friend, Amy, picked me out and fostered me for about 3 weeks til mom came to pick me up... and moved me to upstate NY. And we lived happily ever after :)

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Thanx for being our furiend! ~ The Rat Pack~
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