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Vito (Rottweiler)
Current Mood Geeky
Age 6 years
Birthday February 25, 2008
Gender Male
Favorite Toy my football, cow knuckles, my stuffed animals
Favorite Activity going to the park, car rides, RED laser light, making mom laugh
Favorite Food I love people food, science diet and wellness canned food
Pet-Peeves My sister getting any attention
Tricks I can get whatever I want with my
Number of Friends 961
500 Friend BadgeRunt - Not too shy to talk!

about me

Hi my name is Vito. I was born, and raised in the hood :) Dayton, Ohio. 
I am spoiled ROTTEN! I love to go to the park. I make my mom drive me everywhere she goes.
 One day I wish to be able to dunk like LeBron James! :)
Oh and I have a sister cat named Muffin...I sometimes get jealous of her....but it is fun to make her mad at me....I sometimes kiss her when mommy aint lookin' (don't tell)

My name on my birth certificate is Vito Andolini and my extended name is Vom Avensis
My nick names are:
Don Vito
Vito Bambino
or just baby


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Ragdoll Monster from Willow
Thanks for the birthday wishes Vito!!
Teddy Squeaky from Unnamed
Thanx for being my friend!
Basketball from Angel Sadie and the Kitty Kat Gang
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It's that time...for a oil spot on my back!! :|

Posted on: 4 years ago

Well it's that time around my house....Front-line time.  Me and my sister Muffin got our dose of oil slicks on our necks!  Mom says it's for the best but I hate it...I can't get wet for like a week.  I actually want a bath now!   Do you guys get Front-line?  Heartgard is tastes like candy :)Talk to ya guys later....Love, Vito and Muffin


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