Funny Pet Quirks: Holy Water?

Filed under: Dog NewsDoggySpace on July 20th, 2010

As a pet parent no request, or need, for our furry loved one’s should be to far, or is there?

Pet sitters are all to familiar with the common requests to sing to pets, read to pets, play the piano for pets and even turn on the TV so a pet could watch its “favorite” program.

However, with the growing view in society is that our furry ones are more family than anything else, the request by pet owners are reportedly getting a little strange at times according to a recent article by Diane Mapes on msn.

Joshua Cary, co-founder of the Association of Pet Sitting Excellence said in the article “We recently asked ‘What’s the strangest request you’ve had from a pet-sitting client?’ on our Facebook page and the replies were a hoot”. He continued with, “My favorite was the person who asked the pet-sitter to mix holy water and ash and put it on the cat’s food and then say a prayer over the food before serving it.”

Jessica Stout from Sacramento, Calif. post on Facebook “I once worked at an upscale pet hotel and one woman asked us if we could bring in a TV so her dogs could watch Oprah every day at 4 p.m., We also had a woman who said her dog could only sleep if he could lick someone’s feet. She asked if one of us would be willing to let him lick our feet each night before he went to sleep”.

While pet owners request for their special children may be a bit odd from time-to-time, the majority of requests are not that far out of the norm according to most pet experts.

However, while some professionals may feel that some requests are a little too much, shouldn’t the paw parent know best?

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Photo by Timothy Valentine

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