Toys for Dogs Who Are Tough on Them

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Has your dog chewed through shoes, furniture, and well… everything? Give him the gift of a chew toy that will last more than five minutes.

Ultimate Interactive Dog Chew Toy

First of all, the filling in this toy tastes like bacon. So you know your dog will love the Better Than Gnawin’ Ultimate Interactive Dog Chew Toy. As for keeping her busy? The outer holder is designed to make it tough for her to get to all that bacony goodness. We’re talking an hour of gnawin’ at a time here. Try it! ($22.95 at

The Bones Family Dog Toys

It’s all about tear-resistant rubber when it comes to Ruff Dawg The Bones Family Dog Toys. These bones are all-rubber, mint-flavored, and come in great colors and sizes. Stock up on this chew-happy basic. (Starting at $4.95 at

Hyper Gnaws Big Stick Dog Toy

The Hyper Pet Hyper Gnaws Big Sick Dog Toy is like a stick on steroids. A rugged interactive toy for your chewer, this plush squeaky toy for dogs is great for you to play with together. It’s made with ballistic material and synthetic suede, floats in water, and has a tennis ball at the center of the stick. ($6.06 at

Kong Rubber Dog Chew Toy

The Kong Rubber Dog Chew Toy is an active-dog classic. Stuff this sturdy cone-shaped toy with your dog’s favorite treats and he’ll be able to play on his own! We even recommend it to prevent understimulation, boredom, and anxiety. (Starting at $6.45 at

Mammoth Squeaky Freaks Ball Double Sided Nylon Dog Toy

Multiple layers of nylon plus multiple squeakers make this a toy with added excitement. Even the tugging ends of the Mammoth Squeaky Freaks Ball Double Sided Nylon Dog Toy have squeakers! ($8.45 at

Wiley Dog Toy

Soft, but durable, the Hugglehounds Wiley Middlin & Macho Dog Toy is perfect for chewers. Treats fit in the head, the feet are rubber, and the legs are made from seat belts. ($13.00

Hydro Bone Chew Toy

The high-tech Hugs Pet Products Hydro Bone Dog Chew Toy is made from molded rubber with a foam core that can absorb water and then be frozen for a refreshing treat. ($12.45

Laser Pet Toy, Exerciser and LED Flashlight

For dogs who need to burn off lots of energy; this laser beam is extra powerful and great for chasing. The SpotBrites 2 in 1 Laser Pet Toy, Exerciser and LED Flashlight also includes a flashlight that you can use for nighttime walks. ($3.95 at

Nylabone DuraChew Bacon Flavored Dog Bone Chew Toy

Savory flavor, satisfying design, and a unique material that’s made for powerful chewers make the Nylabone DuraChew Bacon Flavored Dog Bone Chew Toy a dream-come-true for dogs that need a lot of enrichment… and bacon flavor. (Starting at $2.41 at

Dog is Good Nylon Bone

Ideal for its simplicity, the Dog is Good Nylon Bone Dog Toy is made of durable nylon and includes a squeaker. It’s easy-to-clean, which is perfect since you’re dog will want to fetch, tug and gnaw away on this bone. ($10.95 at

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