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One of the best parts about my job is getting to meet so many creative and inspiring members of the Pet360 community.  This month, we are pleased to feature Chris Knowles (aka CKnowles) and his chocolate lab, Charlie.  Chris jumped into the Pet360 community early on, and has been an active member who always has some good advice to share.

What’s Charlie’s story?

I became a pet parent in August of 2011.  I knew Charlie for about a year before that, when the family of my then girlfriend decided they wanted to adopt a dog.  It took them a while to find a dog, but when they found Charlie, it was an almost immediate yes.  He’s always been a friendly, people loving dog.  But they just weren’t prepared for an energetic, completely untrained, clumsy puppy.  They did as good as they could, but they didn’t really have the time or energy that is needed to devote to a puppy.  When me and my girlfriend moved in together, she brought Charlie with her.  Unfortunately, not long after we moved in together, we ended up breaking up. When she moved out she was worried he might end up being given up since they were having trouble with his energy and restlessness, so I kept him and he’s been living with me ever since.

Why did you join the Pet360 Community?

When I found Pet360 I was browsing around for a pet forum, somewhere I could ask questions and get some helpful advice on different issues.  There were a few others I saw, but I saw that Pet360 is more than a forum – it has product recalls as well, plus tips, a few blog writers that were sharing their experiences . . . plus you could actually enter your pets name and info, along with a picture of the pet, and many other things.  There were just so many helpful features!

Tell us about your blog – how did you get started?

Blogging was something that I was actually assigned at school.  I was taking a class called “New Media and we had to write a blog.  I was having a lot of trouble thinking of what to write about, since I’m not usually a very outspoken person on the internet.  And it dawned on me that 2 of my biggest goals could merge with this - promoting dogs as an overall positive presence in our society, and hiking the Appalachian trail!  I looked around and realized, dogs as wilderness companions wasn’t talked about much at all.  So off I went, and created, and it’s been pretty successful so far!  You can also follow me on twittergoogle+facebook and on youtube.

Charlie Chocolate LabWhat is one unique fact about Charlie?

He hates to fall asleep.  If he’s tired, his head will slowly dip and then snap back up, almost like he thinks he’s going to miss something if he falls asleep!

What’s the best part about being a pet parent?

I think the best part is how Charlie has given me the ability to be completely resilient to whatever stresses I encounter.  I work at a residential care center for adolescents, a very stressful job to say the least.  But when I come home and sit on the couch, he just comes up and refuses to do anything but smother me with affection.  It’s hard to stay stressed out or down in the dumps no matter how hard the day was at work with a dog like that!  It’s so amazing what a positive effect he has on everything around him.  We went to the dog park the other day and there was a pitbull mix there that was definitely very shy, and could barely get into the caged area is was so scared.  But for some reason that little pitbull gravitated towards Charlie, and before long we found out that is the most excitable playful dog you’ve ever seen! It’s amazing what he can do!

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  1. Where would your highlight members? On Pet360? Or on DS?

    Comment by Willie Nillie...Handsome Angel — February 27, 2013 @ 2:16 pm

  2. I just took a look around Pet360 site. If I was new to the internet and looking for a dog info site/forum I might think of joining. However, you need to understand that we have members that have been on DS for 5 years. We all know each other, care for each other and help each other. This is my home…there is no need to cross over to another site.

    Comment by Willie Nillie...Handsome Angel — February 27, 2013 @ 5:36 pm

  3. We would love to highlight DS community members here on DS, actually, as a series for these article postings. Would you all be interested?

    Comment by Unnamed — March 15, 2013 @ 10:08 am

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