Airedale terrier dog pictures

The Airedale Terrier (AKA Waterside Terrier, or Oorangs) is the second largest terrier breed. Originally breed to hunt otters near River Aire through the county of Airedale in England, hence the name. The breed was also popular with British law enforcement. Airedales medium length coats are made up of a soft undercoat with a harsh, dense, wiry topcoat. Tails are sometimes docked. The personality of these dogs are said to be "alert and energetic". Smaller Airedales, 55-66 lbs, are used in show, while large Airedales, up to 120 lbs, can be working dogs in hunting and herding. Lifespan of the breed is around 11.5 years, often dying of cancer or old age.

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