Singing pups

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  • Unnamed (Apr 20th 4:31 pm)
  • Tommy Tunes (2 weeks from now)

    Great tune! Wish I could sing like that.

  • LilyOy (2 weeks ago)

    LilyOy and all of our family loved your vieoo and were singing with you.

  • Daisy (4 weeks ago)


  • Kiley (4 weeks ago)

    Mommy was listening to all you cute boys singing, and I came running in when I heard you ! Mommy put me on her lap, so I could see you all ! Oh my, then I heard my name ,and I watched my precious Lil Guy singing to ME and I was so excited, I started kissing Mommy , lots of kisses to send to you, Lil Guy ! Thank you for the wonderful singing present , I love you all ! Love and Hugs, Kiley

  • Jake (4 weeks ago)

    OMG, how cute!!!!! :) You don't hear a peep out of Jake when I want him to say something...LOL! Your pups can teach Jake a few things :) Rickey looks just like Jake...that face...awww.....:)

  • Lil Guy (4 weeks ago)

    Thanks Teddy, we were thinking of trying out and Jack thanks too. Clemetine and ladies when Dad played it back, Sammy wouldn't shut up when he heard himself singing and started all over again. Glad we don't live in an apartment, we get thrown out. BOL

  • Jack (4 weeks ago)

    Thats great, you all did a wonderful job singing!!

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