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  • Unnamed (Apr 24th 8:33 am)
  • Harlie (6 months from now)


  • Barkley (6 months from now)

    Woah! Thats a smart dog, mine would just go in the pool.

  • brandy (6 months from now)

    that is such a smart dog!!!!

  • Sam (5 months from now)

    That is such a funny vidio! I added it to my favorites!

  • Cookie (4 months from now)

    ok thats cool

  • ☠Scooter☠ (4 months from now)

    wow thats 1 smart pooch!

  • D.J. (4 months from now)

    wow! that's a smart dog! i hate water too, but i'd never be able to do that!

  • Bug's (4 months from now)

    That is si Awesome!

  • Kera (4 months from now)

    That was awesome. That dog is really smart!!

  • ! Babushka ! (4 months from now)

    that was good!

  • Diamond Diva (4 months from now)

    that was cute and amazing!

  • ~:: MAX ::~ (4 months from now)

    hey awesome mate!! u r one clever doggie :)

  • Muffy Lou Lou Belle (4 months from now)

    OMW! (oh my woofness!) You're soooo smart and now you're FAMOUS! Loved it! Will show my daddy first thing in the morning! Muffy

  • Beans (4 months from now)

    That's really cool. If the pool was clean I would get in it. But than again I like to play in mud puddles. Smart thinking dog watching the video

  • Brandy (4 months from now)

    You are absolutely awesome!!. Jack and I like to swim, but don't know if we could paddle. Jack and Brandy

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  • Description:Now that's one smart dog, I wouldn't get in there either.
  • Added:August 10, 2008

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