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  • Unnamed (Sep 1st 6:45 pm)
  • Harlie (2 months from now)


  • Barkley (2 months from now)

    Woah! Thats a smart dog, mine would just go in the pool.

  • brandy (1 month from now)

    that is such a smart dog!!!!

  • Sam (3 weeks from now)

    That is such a funny vidio! I added it to my favorites!

  • Cookie (3 days ago)

    ok thats cool

  • ☠Scooter☠ (1 week ago)

    wow thats 1 smart pooch!

  • D.J. (1 week ago)

    wow! that's a smart dog! i hate water too, but i'd never be able to do that!

  • Bug's (1 week ago)

    That is si Awesome!

  • Kera (1 week ago)

    That was awesome. That dog is really smart!!

  • ! Babushka ! (1 week ago)

    that was good!

  • Diamond Diva (1 week ago)

    that was cute and amazing!

  • ~:: MAX ::~ (1 week ago)

    hey awesome mate!! u r one clever doggie :)

  • Muffy Lou Lou Belle (1 week ago)

    OMW! (oh my woofness!) You're soooo smart and now you're FAMOUS! Loved it! Will show my daddy first thing in the morning! Muffy

  • Beans (1 week ago)

    That's really cool. If the pool was clean I would get in it. But than again I like to play in mud puddles. Smart thinking dog watching the video

  • Brandy (1 week ago)

    You are absolutely awesome!!. Jack and I like to swim, but don't know if we could paddle. Jack and Brandy

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  • Description:Now that's one smart dog, I wouldn't get in there either.
  • Added:August 10, 2008

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