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  • Unnamed (Dec 17th 11:12 pm)
  • Alpha (4 months ago)

    LOVE IT.... I howl too! Even have my own wolf cd to sing with...Keep howling..............

  • LilyOy (9 months ago)

    all the dogs in our house are now watching the Computer, running around and looking for you ... Great video. love the howling. Will make this a favorite so they can hear you again. My pets love to watch the animal channel on TV and your video is a treat!

  • Cody (11 months ago)

    Aww, adorable dogs! I played this for my dog and he cocked his head =]

  • Prince (2 months ago)

    Hey Kami! How was our date again? Your adorable!

  • ♥ Phoebe ♥ (2 months ago)

    I was playing this for Phoebe and my new little dog Spike and they both perked up and tried a little howl with our old friend Kami... Love ya, Phebs and Spike

  • ♦Casper♦ (2 months ago)

    i love playing this over and over again !!!!!!!!!!!! ♥ Casper

  • Choson (3 months ago)

    Sooooooo cute, way to go,Choson

  • Toby_in_Folsom (3 months ago)

    It's like "Call of the Wild"!!

  • Daphne (3 months ago)

    HOW CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I KNOW HOW YOU FEEL!!!!!!!!

  • Shadrack (4 months ago)

    Oh my gosh, I wish I could sing. That was amazing. You should definitely try to get into American Idol. You have the talent! Wow... Beautiful song. Did you write it yourself? I can't sing or write like that.

  • Pastor Fonzie Tuxedo (4 months ago)

    That's the bestest doggie song I ever did hear. 2 paws up!

  • Koda (4 months ago)

    OMG! so cute. my three dogs went nuts thinking there 2 husky cousins were somewhere in the house!

  • Kallie (4 months ago)

    awwww so cute

  • 'Ele (4 months ago)

    You get my vote!

  • Angel Skye - R.I.P. 6/7/11 (4 months ago)

    I am a Siberian Husky and I only understand other Husky's. I love your howling. I stopped everything and sat and watched with Mom. Normally I could care less. I howl lots too - guess it's a husky thing. Good luck. I think you are the best howler in my book. Love, Skye.

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