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  • Unnamed (Aug 21st 10:08 am)
  • Zorro (1 month from now)

    You look like you are really having fun, Anika! We live in the Texas. Sometimes it will snow here, but it didn't this year. I wish it would snow so I could have lots of fun like you! Zorro and Angel Yoda

  • Tommy Tunes is online! Tommy Tunes (7 months ago)

    You sure know how to have fun, Anika!!

  • Drica (3 months from now)

    Lots of fun in the snow! Wish we had snow here in Brazil too!

  • Alpha (12 hours from now)

    I LOOOOOOOOOOOVE this too! I like the snow we had in Louisiana like this....neat stuff.

  • Willi (2 months from now)

    You had a lot of fun playing in that snow. Wish I could romp out ther with you.

  • Countess (1 month from now)

    aw..... i LOVE SNOW......... SNOW

  • Winston aka Tony Boy (2 weeks ago)

    I love it!

  • ♦Casper♦ (4 weeks ago)

    i luv this!!!

  • ♦Casper♦ (1 month ago)

    last time i played in the snow i got ice balls stuck to me it hurt. but mommy gave me a hot bath and melted those suckers

  • abby (3 months ago)

    i live in the south and it snowed and i ran and jumped in the creek. looks like you enjoyed it to.

  • Zeva Sadie (4 months ago)

    very cute!! i give it a paw up=]

  • Wunjo (4 months ago)

    This looks like fun! I can't wait for my first snow! Nice video.

  • Mikey (4 months ago)

    This is great, I like the snow too...but its hard to see me in it!!

  • JuJu (4 months ago)

    Oh, Anika-Belle, I LOVE that video! You are absolutely adorable when you nuzzle your face into the snow. Personally, I hate snow, and when it snowed where I live (in Vegas where it snows once every few years) in December, I was miserable. I hate getting my paws wet. And, don't get me started on what happens when my face gets wet! I go crazy! UGh!! But you look like you're having such a fun time!

  • Clint (4 months ago)

    Oh you are too funny Anika! Chasing the snowflakes and eating snow! I love this video!

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  • Description:My very 1st Snow!! I love it!!!
  • Added:March 1, 2009

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