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Georgia Rain League (Mixed)
Current Mood Curious
Age 2 years
Birthday February 29, 2012
Gender Female
Favorite Toy My brother Harley.
Favorite Activity play
Favorite Food anything
Pet-Peeves not being held
Tricks none yet but i'm learning
Number of Friends 44


Mommy and Momma say i'm getting bigger!!! but i'm still not that big bol!

about me

Hello my name is Georgia Rain! I am 3/4 Chihuahua 1/4 Pug i was born on February 29,2012 so i'm a leap year baby! My humans fell in-love with me and my bubbie Harley so they said we get to stay with them instead of having to go to a new now they are my mommy and my momma!I love to chew on my momma's fingers and sleep on my mommy plus attack my bubbie but thats a must!Mommy and momma say i'm small like my sissy Mariah but i didn't get to meet her she passed away before i came along. Mommy and momma say i'm very bouncy. I also live with my birth momma Jaycee League and daddy Notcho League. Mommy and momma say i'm there little princess and bubbie is there little prince! mommy says i'm gonna be very spoiled she can't wait to buy me clothes and bags to be carried in i LOVE that part. Me and bubbie are learning lots of fun tricks mine are more girlie and cutsie as mommy says. Me and bubbie have lots more to learn but that's ok mommy and momma say they will help me understand this great big ol world!! so i can't wait to make lots of new furiends! So here i come big world and it's gonna be pawsome!!!


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  • Unnamed (Dec 21st 7:22 pm)
  • Cinnamon (10 months ago)

    happy birthday

  • Cinnamon (2 years ago)

    happy birthday

  • Angel Apollo Xavier (2003-2009) (2 years ago)

    have a very happy birthday girlfriend

  • Napa Michael (2 years ago)

    happy birthday Georgia

  • Brookie (3 years ago)

    Oh yes we don't think your going to get very big at all either, and it is so much fun to dress up doggies...well mommy thinks so bol, me on the other hand I dont like it very much, maybe on cold days if mommy is taking me out somewhere though. bol did you convince your mommy that you should get more mommy time because your the princess? :) hope your having a great weekend!

  • Brookie (3 years ago)

    Tell your mommy thank you for the sweet compliment! we love your profile picture too, you know i used to be about that tiny when mommy first got me..I think you're smaller than me though. Bol it's hard to share with other siblings isn't it? And since we are the princesses we should get more time with mommy's huh? hehehe!

  • Czar Bishop (3 years ago)

    glad you accepted and glad you are not scared of me what with me being half wolf..lots of pawents at our dog park take there doggies home when they learn my heritage..they say I could be mean...mum just calls them stupid people..I am just like any doggie and like to play and I would never hurt any of them and I know how to behave around little you can see my little bro Ace is small as well

  • Brookie (3 years ago)

    Thanks for giving me a bark Georgia! I think mommy is the one who wants me to have a little sister more than I want one myself bol, I'd probably be too jealous..I dont like to share MY mommy! hope your having a great week. luv, brookie and the cali crew

  • Angel Shakira, 2008-2014 (3 years ago)

    thank you for the compliment...your very cute and very small..mummy says she has never had a dog as small as you are

  • Angel Tommy Tunes 6/6/97 - 8/28/14 is online! Angel Tommy Tunes 6/6/97 - 8/28/14 (3 years ago)

    Hi Sweetie! Nice to meet ya!!! Tommy and Freddy Girl

  • Czar Bishop (3 years ago)

    thanks for being our new paw pal CZAR and Ace

  • Angel Shakira, 2008-2014 (3 years ago)

    I just you for being my friend

  • Napa Michael (3 years ago)

    thanks for being our new friend Napa and Angel Apollo

  • Brookie (3 years ago)

    Hi Georgia! omg you're so tiny and adorable :) mommy really wants to get me a little sissy small as you whenever we get our own house. thanks for accepting our furiendship! luv, brookie and the cali crew

  • Harley Dixon League (3 years ago)

    i ruff u wittlt sissy!!!

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