Play for Paws is a group created for donating new and gently used toys to no-kill shelters and rescue groups.

At Play for Paws our mission is to provide playtime for all pets through toy donations. Imagine being all alone in a shelter with nothing to provide comfort or enjoyment. We believe in providing the best experience possible for animals in shelters or rescue groups.

How to do your part?

You can help Play for Paws in a number of ways. 

Gather up your pet's gently used toys and donate them to your local no-kill shelter or rescue group

Purchase new pet toys to donate to your local no-kill shelter or rescue group

If you do not live near a no-kill group/shelter or are not sure where to donate your pet toys, send them to us, and we will donate them to our selected groups 

Give a monetary amount to our group donation designated for purchasing pet toys.

Don't forget to clean/sterilize your gently used toys before donating them. If sending toys to us, we'll do it for you! :-)

Why do we say "no-kill" shelters/groups?

No-Kill shelters do not use euthanasia as a means of population control. The idea is to prevent overpopulation by reducing the number of animals bred and promoting spaying/neutering for everyone with low cost/free help for low-income people. Animals should not be killed because there are too many of them. Therefore, we want to support the no-kill shelters and hopefully the cause will spread.

Who are we donating to??

Click on Picture below for wesbite

The more toys we can donate, the more shelters/groups we can add to the list. 

If you would like to mail us your new or gently used pet toys, please send a pm to either

Milly Dub Diesel

For every donation received from our furiends, we will donate a tennis ball. 

Go here to find a local no-kill shelter

Donate today!

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