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liver shunt by Remmi ( 0 Comments )
Last Update: 3 years ago
I am a 2 1/2 yr old pug named Remmi. I live with my family in Pasadena,Md. I was rescued a little over a year ago from some really bad people.They abused my brother and I. My brother went to a nice home and I went with my family whom I love very much. Last June I started hav... (read more)
help!! by Goku ( 0 Comments )
Last Update: 4 years ago
i looking for a girlfriend around 3 or 4 years old :(
hello by Goku ( 0 Comments )
Last Update: 5 years ago
hello im bored someone talk to me
I'm a newbie by Abby ( 0 Comments )
Last Update: 5 years ago
My name is Abby, & I'm 3 mos. old.I have a brother on her named Milo & we play all the time.I like having new friends, & glad to be here.Abby[Abba Dabba Do ]my nickname mommy gave me !!
Summer is almost over. by Simple Simon ( 1 Comments )
Last Update: 5 years ago
Well summer is almost over and I'm not looking forward to the rain.It has been so nice to lay in the sun and play in the lake.Playing tag on the grass with my puggy pack and digging in the dirt are things I would do everyday if I could.I really don't like to potty in the rai... (read more)
Last Update: 6 years ago
Stitch is so excited for two reasons! He has a new girlfriend named Chloe who was given to his mom at a baby shower. Chloes pics are in his ablum and despite her snoring like a freight train Stichs mom realizes he is finally smitten! Stitch and Cloe are going to get to go on... (read more)
hello by Roxie ( 0 Comments )
Last Update: 6 years ago
hi im roxie a chi pug mix
Fling in Spring Pug Style by Jake, Jazmin & Fletch ( 0 Comments )
Last Update: 6 years ago
April the 11th we will having our yearly Easter hunt Pug style!Come check it out at www.meetup.com/puglovers
Last Update: 6 years ago
Join me .... You'll be glad you did..http://www.barkhunt.com Twitter's first Scavenger hunt has gone to the dogs.Lots of Cool prizes and the chance to find more Twitter dog friends. Bark huntbark hunt bark hunt...woof
I Yam A Escape Artiste by Ms Maggie daPughead ( 0 Comments )
Last Update: 6 years ago
Aroooooooooooo! I got outta my crate tewday.I doan usually gotta go in dere beclaws I yam a big gurl now and doan rilly need a sissy crate buttbuttbutt Ma hadda go to da hopsital fur a test and she wuz ginna be gone all day so me and Dallas hadda go in our crates to perteck ... (read more)
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