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Contest by Duke ( 0 Comments )
Last Update: 5 years ago
Don't forget to vote for me @ can vote once per day!!!!Thank You!
Last Update: 5 years ago
Can everyone please go to: can vote one time every day all week!AND to vote for my pictur... (read more)
Last Update: 5 years ago
Please go to to vote for me!!!!
Last Update: 5 years ago
I was outside minding my own business, trying to stay away from the bees when all of a sudden, my Daddy started spraying this bee that was flying above me, He sprayed a lot! When he finished, he noticed that all the spray had fallen and landed on me!! Boy, did I stink!! He r... (read more)
Sad story with happy ending. by Mr. Whimpers -Deputy policeman of Doggyville ( 7 Comments )
Last Update: 5 years ago
Me just read with story with Daddy and hope this never happens to me or any other of my furiends:Blown-away Chihuahua reunited with ownersTue Apr 28, 7:18 am ETWATERFORD TOWNSHIP, Mich. – Tinker Bell has been reunited with her owners after a 70-mph gust of wind picked ... (read more)
Hello from Dragon Dray by Draco Aries ( 0 Comments )
Last Update: 5 years ago
Hello, my name is Draco, i love playing with my mommys friends who own three other min doxies.I love begining walk and playing in the fenced backyard.I love going on rides with my mommy.My mommy works as a groomer so she come home every day smelling like different doggie sme... (read more)
Last Update: 6 years ago
I am so excited about the movie coming out Oct. 3rd.It is about me and my friends.Do you BELIEVE there is some kind of...... STUPID RULE..............NO CHIHUAHUA'S ALLOWED.What is this all about I ask You !
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