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madii by Joker and Madii ( 2 Comments )
Last Update: 5 years ago
Well we had to get rid lf madii=( We took her to tbis place where we live that doesnt kill the poor puppies in there..... We alll really miss her and we are gonna keep her doggyspace just like we did with gizzers...
Last Update: 5 years ago
Hello....I just want everyone to know that Callie, the choclate labrador retriever and Ike, the cat. Have deleted their profiles. Now before you start bickering and say well how did you know this? This is because I am a very very close friend of theirs. Please, i don't want ... (read more)
Taylor by Buddy ( 0 Comments )
Last Update: 5 years ago
This is to Taylor:) I love you soooo much!!! I've been in love with you since we met!!! i love you more than all the stars in he sky!!!! i love you so much and will always love you!!! Ur my one and only girl:) xoxoxoxoxoxoxox ~Buddy ~ Your Lover Bear:)
Guys by Angel Max ( 1 Comments )
Last Update: 5 years ago
Is it OK for guys to join this group?I like to relax too!
Last Update: 5 years ago
Mol! Hello my name is Mimi! I'm not very new but i haven't been on in a while so i basically am new! MOL! Well my name is Mimi and I LOVE to eat food! I also have a little brother Niko! We got Niko about a year ago and he is like the most annoying brother EVER! He pounces on... (read more)