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In the Florida Keys

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  • Unnamed (Sep 1st 11:26 pm)
  • Willie Nillie...Handsome Angel (3 weeks ago)

    Lucky you Bauser! Mom and Pops spent time in Islamorda in the late 90's....they lived in Stuart with Kristi Kriket. Every winter our Aunt and Uncle would fly down from NY and spend time in the Keys with our pawrents. They stayed at "The Islander" (?). It was next to the Dolphin swimming place...Mom's memory is not so good anymore, but she know that the Lora Lai Bar was across the street!

  • Sunny and the Sunshine Gang (4 weeks ago)

    stay where its cool! Have a great vacation!

  • Baron, Now an Angel 1/7/11 (4 weeks ago)

    Lookin Good Bauser!!!!

  • The Boyz (4 weeks ago)

    just look at that great smile of happiness.. glad mom and u got some rest time and had a good trip. mom says shes always wanted to see the Keys. bark soon

  • Cindy (4 weeks ago)

    Mommy and daddy went to Ilamorada,Key right before Tugger came to live w us! They said it was paradise!!! Hope you are enjoying just as mauch as they did,Bauser!!! you look happy!!! here is some ice cream for your days on the beach!! Cindy

  • Leo (4 weeks ago)

    Mom says you look very handsome Bauser!!!!!

  • The Golden Girls: Guinevere (rt), DaisyMae (lt), Angel Misha (4 weeks ago)

    You look so content and happy.

  • Ace and Angel Minnie (7/10/92-3/19/12) (4 weeks ago)

    Oh Jealous!! We love florida! Especially the Keys!!

  • Zoey (4 weeks ago)

    Looks like you are having a fun time!

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