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First bath in the new house

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  • Unnamed (Jul 29th 10:54 pm)
  • Precious Our Angel (RIP) 6-20-05~7-18-09 (4 months from now)

    OMG! Your so adorable! xoxoxox Precious

  • Blossom & Annie (9/2000 - 8/26/2013 (5 months ago)

    That looks scary! We all remember our first baths at our new home. None of us could figure out what they were doing to us!

  • Junior (5 months ago)

    Oh Dextex that looks like a huge tube only for you, maybe you should tell your dad to get in there with you

  • Kane and Daisy (5 months ago)

    Poor fella. We feel your pain.

  • Jake the Rake (5 months ago)

    Did you enjoy it?

  • Honey Child (5 months ago)

    BURR! You look cold! Hurry get a towel!

  • Tommy Tunes (5 months ago)

    The first time is REAL scary!

  • Puppy (5 months ago)

    gee dexter you look a lot like wall e. Do you guy like in the same stae. you could be buddies and go on playdates. Anyway hope your first bath experience was plesant. Hatd to tell by your expression if you were enjoying it or a little scared. I puppy am a clean freak and dont like to be dirty....I lick myself clean but sometimes momma takes me in the shower with her and hoses and soaps me down. love puppy

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  • Dexter
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  • Description:Dexter getting his first bath in the new house
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