Although I am older (I am 13) and it would be difficult for me, I sure do wish my people would take me on errands sometimes. I hate being left alone at the house. I feel like I never get to go out anymore. They took me to the dog park a few weeks ago and that was nice. There were deer there and I'll be honest and say that I didn't see them because my eyes are bad, and I didn't hear them because my ears are bad, but I smelled them! I just wish I wasn't getting so up there in age... Oh what I would give to be young again. I am still a happy guy and I love my life, but I wish I could do some of the same things I used to be able to, you know?  Can anyone else relate? 


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  • Unnamed (Dec 20th 11:27 am)
  • Unnamed (3 weeks ago)

    I know exactly what you are talking about. I can't seem to go like I used to, but I still enjoy going wherever my family takes me. I have arthritis and some days it is hard to just stand up and walk. I also have a hard time hearing. As long as you are happy and have that wonderful family to take care of you, life is great!!

  • Unnamed (1 month ago)

    I feel ya!!! I still get excited when Mommy says "Who wants to go for a walk?" but now I don't really like to go too far. We go up the block then Mommy drops me back home and takes Atlas & Presley for their long walk. At least then I get a little peace and quiet!!!

  • BETTY (1 month ago)

    Sweetie... Mommy understand perfectly your position, and she want to say to you something: you are sweetie, and you are important as you are... Your family loves you a lot, and you are a fantastic dog, so, be happy guy! A big big dogkiss from Italy... :)

  • Tanner (1 month ago)

    Shadrack boy do I feel your pain. I never get to go out anywhere either. Just to the Vet and that's hard for me because I can't get into the car like I used to be able to. My ears are bad too, I'm deaf. My eyes are ok but they leak alot. I'm glad you can still smell, me too! That's the best part about being a dog, right? Read my age journal too if you want. You'll see we have alot in common.

  • Unnamed (1 month ago)

    My brother Buck's mom used to live here & my mom said when she was young she was so active & always running around & when she came to live with us she was already 11 yrs old and she basically slept all day. She told us how they would find her in the kithchen just standing there facing the wall like she was watching something. She used to stay with my mom's mom in her room alot, she lived here too, mom said she stayed with her because she could relate to grandmas age & ailments. Buck too is getting slower, he plays with me for awhile then lays down to nap.

  • Unnamed (2 months ago)

    Oh, Shadrack, we love you no matter what! Regardless of age, all dogs like a little adventure in their life. My neighbor dog, Oscar, is going blind. He gets upset by what he can't see and barks a lot when he's outside in his fence. However, he is quiet and happily sniffing around when his people take him for a walk. I hope you get some adventures again soon, so you can tell us all about it! Woofs!

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