I'm Home !!!

Hey Everydog! Yesterday I went to a sleep-over at my vets. The surprise was on me! I was starving and was sure I would get one of their yummy treats, but nooo, I got a shot and fell asleep. When I woke up my boo-boo on my leg was gone but my leg is really sore and looks rough. I had never slept away from home before and if this is what it is like, I don't want to again! I heard my mom when she came in calling me! The minute the door was open on that kennel, I bolted! My mom grabbed my leash and I pulled her out the door, running to my car, whining for her to open the back so I could jump in! I know she is not going to believe it when I tell her what happens at sleep-overs at the vets! I am glad to be home and glad to say hellooooh to all my friends. The Princess Pey-Pey is home...Long live the Princess!

Hey everyone, Nancie here. Peyton is home and doing great. Many thanks for the many prayers and notes of support from all of you. All you wonderful doggyspace friends made it much easier to cope while we went through this! We will get lab results in a week and will have a better understanding of what we are dealing with. Hopefully, we are done with this! Meanwhile, I have a much greater field of knowledge concerning mast cell cancer and tri-paw dogs.
Two wonderful web sites:www.kateconnick.com/library/mastcelltumor.html  and:www.tripawds.com.

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  • Unnamed (Dec 20th 5:09 am)
  • Ginger Marie (4 weeks ago)

    Im glad to hear that you got to go home.. I hope that you are feeling better..

  • Unnamed (4 weeks ago)

    we are very happy that your home and feeling better!kisses, Keisha

  • Pastor Fonzie Tuxedo (4 weeks ago)

    YIPEEE and PTL! I'm so glad that yore home again. I'm gonna keep my paws together fer you until we know yore in the clear. In the meantime, keep luving up on yore Mamma and I hopes y'all have a very blessed Thanksgiving. Ya know, Peyton Marie, fer being starved and in all that trauma at the Vet-Docs, I think y'all should git an xtra piece of turhey this year. BOL, Fonzie

  • Unnamed (4 weeks ago)

    Hi Princess Peyton, I'm so excited to hear you are back home and me and my mama are praying for you and your mama. We are also praying for no more sleep overs at the Vets for you. Rest well Princess! We love you!

  • Blazer (4 weeks ago)

    Hi Nancie & Peyton Marie. It is so good to hear Peyton is doing so well after her surgery. I'm glad the website I referred you to: www.tripawds.com was a big help and, also, want you to know there is a group on DoggySpace for dogs who are missing limbs. Love, Blazer & Mom

  • Sasha (4 weeks ago)


  • Sofie (4 weeks ago)

    glad your home.... hope you get back to your old self soon...Make sure you listen to what your says about your healing though even if it means being a good dog....Lots of puppy kisses for you and your mom.. BARK BARK!!!

  • Unnamed (4 weeks ago)

    Glad you're home Peyton! You're in our prayers.

  • Buffy matilda chubin brixie (4 weeks ago)

    Peyton, rest well and may healing begin to flood your body. It might be a long week, but know my thoughts are sending good feelings your way.

  • Peyton (4 weeks ago)

    Peyton, Glad you are home . Feel better. You'll continue to be in our prayers!! Peyton

  • Unnamed (4 weeks ago)

    I am glad that you are home and feeling better.

  • Hans at the Bridge (4 weeks ago)

    Peyton, pretty girl. All of the pups at the Rainbow Bridge are rejoicing that you did so well during your surgery, and mom, too. Our God is an awesome (pawsome) God, and He is with you and your mom always. So are we...We praise Him in advance for your continued healing! Love, Hans at the Bridge

  • ~ Pretty Girl Lua on the Trail ~ (4 weeks ago)

    oops-si-doodle!!! I was so excited, doing my happy dance while I was typing my message to you, that ~whoops!~ I signed off with Luke's signature...but it was me, Lu-dog!!!! XOXO

  • Shiloh (4 weeks ago)

    What a wonderful holiday gift. Paws up to you and yours. Shiloh

  • ~~~ Luke of Bass Kennel ~~~ (4 weeks ago)

    Woo-Hoo~! The beautiful Princess Pey-Pey is back home! God bless you and your mom; we are still holding you close in prayer. Lots of doggy hugs to you both, Lua, Queen of Bethel (house of God), NC

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