Throwback Poms
People have been telling Mommy that they don't think I'm a purebred Pom because of my size. So Mommy Googled the weights of Poms and read about Throwback Pomeranians. Mommy thinks that I'm probably a Partial Throwback Pomeranian and have more dominant genes of my ancestors, the Spitz dogs. If anyone is interested in where she found this, here is the link:Throwback Pomeranians.

Anyway, a sad/funny thing happened today. Mommy had to go to work so she left me home. I was sad and looked around the house thinking that maybe she was just hiding from me. Since I'm not potty trained yet, I pooped on the floor and Grandma got mad at me. Grandma then covered the whole house in newspapers so that I could poo on that instead, which I did. Then Grandma locked me out of the house. Luckily, Mommy didn't have to work very long today and I was very happy to see her.

Yesterday, I went to visit uncle Jon over at his and Erwin's apartment. Mommy took me on a long walk over there and it was very fun. Though there was these round things that Mommy says is irrigation covers that kinda scared me. They're hot and make my paws hurt a bit. Other than that, I had a fun day.

I'm not sure what Mommy has planned for today. I might go to the pet store to pick up some bunny food with Mommy. The bunnies' are running low on that. I hope Mommy lets me play with them today. I love chasing them around the backyard.
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  • Unnamed (Dec 19th 8:38 am)
  • Angel Benjamin-Police Chief of Doggyville (6 months ago)

    I AM ONE OF THOSE!!!!! I'm really big bout 11 pounds so I thought I didn't belong to the petite Poms group. Now I know why!!! I belong to the THROWBACK POMS!!!!!!

  • Pastor Fonzie Tuxedo (6 months ago)

    I'm interested in the throw-back POms. I'm kinda big for a Pom. Mamma wouldn't care even if I weren't full Pom. She didn't even care to have my AKC papers but they gave them to her anyway. Mamma walks me first thing every morning and I always go Poo on my walk. She sez I hafta git my colon in gear afore I go and the trouble with most folk is they take there dog out and tell them to do their bizness then drag them back in the house and with the poo that ain't happening. Leastways it don't work for me. I hope you have a fun filled day today!

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