BEAT THE HEAT! with Kolchak's Cool-Cakes

Hello Everydoggy!

It is HOT! HOT! HOT! at my house again today! It's gonna be a scorcher. So to help me and Felix cool down - Mom is whipping up a batch of Kolchak's Coolcakes!

Kolchak's CoolCakes

Carrot, Pea & Buffalo Flavour

*These are for Mom's fancy three layer ones that she sells to the pet shops. Truth be told - Felix and I are *just as happy* with her "lazycakes" which are only one flavour and no borders!

3 cups quinoa, rice or potato, cooked to the point of *extra mushy* (if using potato - leave a bit firmer.

1 cup ground Buffalo

1 cup carrots

1 cup peas

1 - 2 c. low fat/low sodium chicken stock

1. Cook rice/quinoa, carrots, peas & Buffalo (separately) and let cool in the fridge.

2. Blend 1 cup rice/quinoa/potato with 1 cup carrots, adding chicken stock as required to make a thick liquid.

3. Fill silicone muffin cups 1/3 full (or line regular muffin trays with cupcake liners or plastic wrap. Silicone is by far the easiest to get the cake out of later).

4. Place in freezer for 30 min or until firm. (It doesn't need to be frozen solid, just firm enough to pour the next layer on it.)

5. Blend 1 cup rice/quinoa/potato with 1 cup Buffalo, adding chicken stock as required to make a thick liquid. Pour over the carrot layer.

6. Place in freezer for 30 min or until firm. (It doesn't need to be frozen solid, just firm enough to pour the next layer on it.)

7. Blend 1 cup rice/quinoa/potato with 1 cup peas, adding chicken stock as required to make a thick liquid. Pour over the turkey layer.

8. Freeze overnight or until solid.

9. Run warm water over the mold to loosen and pop out.

10. If you are into the fancy stuff like my Mom is, thick mashed potato, mashed sweet potato or mashed squash in an icing bag with a decorative tip (Mom likes #16) makes a nice border. Change the tip out for a #3 to write on the top!

PS - We encourage you to play around with different flavours, so far Mom has made peanut butter (YUM!), pumpkin, blueberry, raspberry, liver, squash, green bean, chicken, turkey - the sky is the limit! In a pinch - she even once used CANNED DOG FOOD! ~VERY UNLIKE MY MOM! ~

Mom's rule of thumb is 1 cup base of rice, quinoa or potato to every 1 cup of flavour, but more delicate tastes like Atlantic Whitefish or green bean need a little more, so we use 1 1/2 c. flavour to every 1 cup of base.

 Please let us know if you find something delicious, as we would

LOVE LOVE LOVE to try it!!

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  • Unnamed (Oct 25th 3:27 am)
  • Angel Romey, Lacey and Heidi (3 months ago)

    yyyuuuummmmmm....oh mom, where's the mashed taters?

  • Boudica (3 months ago)

    These look so yummy!! I'm going to have to get mom to make some for me on her day off. Thanks Kolchak's mom for another great recipe.

  • Unnamed (3 months ago)

    Mom is going to try this. Buffalo is good for doggies with allergies too! Jeni

  • Unnamed (3 months ago)

    This is so Kool, but we don't have any buffalo here can we use cow

  • Reba Messina -10/15/95 -11/8/12 (3 months ago)

    Wow Koly and Felix, those look wonderful. Wish my Mommy cooked and made stuff like that but she's not handy in a kitchen.... Wish you could ship to the USA.

  • Kolchak & Felix (3 months ago)

    Hi POkey - you tell Mom to take care of herself! And yes - any meat or veggie you happen to have around works! I love these made with chicken and sweet peppers!

  • Pokey (3 months ago)

    KolY! took a pain med so can't cook..but she'll make these I hope tomorrow!....We'll post pics of them if there's any left after I taste them.....can we use chicken or any meat?

  • Pastor Fonzie Tuxedo (3 months ago)

    Oh Koly, my mouth is watering and it looks so good now that I can see again PTL, but Mamma sez she'll have to modify the recipe cuz of my diabetes and cuz we don't have buffalo down here in North Carolina.

  • Princess Bailey (3 months ago)

    Those are cool Koly

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