A fence
Hi eveyone, it's Romes.  Guess what?  Mom and her guy are talking about getting a fence for us.  Mommie has lived in this house for years and never got a fence.  Well, he said they should get one just for us.  Just for me and Buzz.  Can you imagine all the fun we are going to have running around?  I can't wait! 
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  • Unnamed (Sep 19th 7:45 am)
  • Unnamed (3 weeks ago)

    Oh my Dog, guys--that will be great!

  • Presley (3 weeks ago)

    You will love it. We have one and we can go in and out to chase birds and squirrels anytime we want. Mommy plays frisbee with us in the yard every evening and she doesn't have to worry about us running into the woods (or anything from the woods running into us).

  • Taz (3 weeks ago)

    I foresee some good times!!!

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