I've been good!
Hi everyone.  It's Rommey.  I was good today.  Buzz, well, he hasn't been so good.  Yesterday, I tried to help Mom clean the bathtub.  She usually keeps us locked up when she cleans so we don't accidentally get into something.  Yesterday, in the middle of cleaning, she decided to play with us.  It was ok, she made sure nothing bad was around.  Well, Buzzie decided to get his paws on some candy, so Mom decided he needed a time out.  I got to stay with mom.  She went into the bathroom and wasd wiping down the tub walls and I thought I could help her.  I jumped in the tub and waited for her to give me the rag.  I don't know why she kept telling me to get out of the tub.  I thought I was supposed to help.  Today, I got to help Mom put up the Christmas lights outside.  I was a good boy too and didn't bark one note.  We usually aren't allowed in the front yard, but since Buzz didn't want to stay outside, mom decided to treat me since I was good yesterday.  She kept telling me that I was being such a good boy.  See what happens when you're good, you get special treatment.  I hope buzzie learns that....
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    You are so right, Rommey...it is great to be good. When you are good, you get told you are good, which is often accompanied by pats and rubs and scratchy-scratches. And then there is the special treatment and sometimes, special TREATS! *grins, wags tail*

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