our T-day
Hi everyone.  First and most important, Buzzie and I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  Our T-day was exciting.  The whole weekend was.  Our G-mom came to visit.  Mom baked pies on Monday and Tuesday and was planning on cleaning the house and Wednesday night but she fell asleep.  Her body said NO MORE.  So they got up early on Thursday and cooked and cleaned.  The turkey got done a lot faster than they exptected, so it was a mad rush to get everything finished.  Finally everyone sat down to a good meal.  On Friday, our G-mom came from Wisconsin with her dog.  Emma is a cute little 9 pound Dauschound.  A bit of advice, keep the butter away from her.  Mom, her Beaux and Gmom went to dinner and my human step sis txtd saying Emma ate the butter that was on the table.  She ended up puking twice.  Yuck...  Anyway, while mom was at dinner, a bar called asking if her Beaux's band could play on the next night.  The next night???  YIKES.  They ended up booking a show at 10pm.  After driving to the place after dinner, they came back home and sat up all night playing the WII.  Even G-mom played the WII.  They kept Buzzie and I up all night.  On Saturday, Mom and G-Mom went to downtown Chicago.  They got her Beaux's Xmas present, but don't tell him.  Mom hid his present well, she sent it with G-mom to Wisconsin.  She's sneaky.  Sat night they went to the gig and stayed up all night again.  On sunday, they went to breakfast and then watchied some football.  G-Mom and Emma went back home and Mom and Beaux relaxed and fell asleep early.  Man was it busy.  Mom said she was glad she had to go to work Monday cuz now she can get some sleep.    
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  • Unnamed (Dec 18th 8:13 pm)
  • Unnamed (2 weeks ago)

    Butter? I would have gone for the pie! But really, it is better to sit and wait for a human to give you some pie so you do not get in trouble. Pumpkin pie is the best!

  • Kane and Daisy is online! Kane and Daisy (2 weeks ago)

    That sounds like a very fun weekend, but I bet you were exhausted. I am glad you had such a great holiday.

  • Boris & Minnie (2 weeks ago)

    wow guys, u did have a busy week for Tday. someday we are going to come and see yourmoms beaux play ! well mom says dogs aen't allowed in the facilitys. WHY!!!! We like to pawty too huh romney and buzz. U never said if u got Turkey??????

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