Sophie's got a forever home

Dear DS furfriends!
We have great news. Our rescue, Sophie got a forever home last Sunday. We wanted to wait to see how she feels in her new home, how she behaves, eats and sleeps... But finally I can tell you that she found a beautiful family. They have a kittie called Soosee, and a little girl, Dorothy who is six years old and goes to school next year. Sophie got a great and beautiful garden at her new home, with a pond and fishes, 2 turtles and a nice loving mom. She feels perfect, she loves her pawrents and their daughter and Soosee. She can travel in their car, they take her everywhere, and we agreed to go with them into dogschool this spring. And the best news is that they don't live far, so we can see each other almost every day if we wanted. Mom said she wanted to give her a perfect family, and now we found one. We will post a journal time to time about Sophie's fortune and thank all of you who kept tabs on her life in the past few weeks.

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  • Unnamed (Dec 18th 10:28 am)
  • Willie Nillie...Handsome Angel (10 months ago)

    What wonderful news about Sophie!!!! She was truly blessed to have your family rescue her and find a grreat furever home!!!!

  • Pokey (10 months ago)

    That s great news..Sounds like a perfect home..Good job!

  • Unnamed (10 months ago)

    that is wonderful news. we are happy for sophie. the malatesta pups

  • Shiloh (10 months ago)

    Paws Up!!!! And we wish the family and Sophie many years of happiness too

  • Dakota (10/20/1996-9/29/2010) is online! Dakota (10/20/1996-9/29/2010) (10 months ago)

    What a wonderful thing your family did for her. Wish there were more people out there like your Mommy! Dakota

  • Kane and Daisy (10 months ago)

    That is wonderful news. I am sure Sophiw will make her new family very happy, and thanks for doing this for her.

  • TAZ THE PRINCE (10 months ago)

    yippee!!!!!!great news!!!!!!!!we r sooo happy!!!!!

  • Boris & Minnie (10 months ago)


  • Angels Biskit and Brittany (10 months ago)

    Great news Lupita! A perfect heartwarming story to share with us right now!

  • Charlie my Angel & Angel Chester (10 months ago)

    Wonderful news Lupita!!! It is so nice that Sophie lives close to you and you will still be able to play together!!! Sounds like your Mom found Sophie a wonderful loving home!!!

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