THE HEAVENLY WEDDING!!! First of All... A BIG ROUND OF APPLAUSE for THE MIN PIN GANG and  TOMMY TUNES.. They have gone far and beyond to help and make this WEDDING MADE IN HEAVEN happen..

Of course, SPARKMAN and I, that would be THE LADYBUG, had a lot to do with it.. along with their loving SECRETARIES......

Our Love has BLOSSOMED and come to LIFE...OUR HEARTS ARE ONE... 

So we are proud to announce that we will exchange vows on JULY 30th at 2:30 central time,,, 3:30 eastern standard time.. it will last til midnite for those that can't make it so early.. will be able to attend the reception which will be a VERY WOW TIME!! GREAT FOOD and GREAT MUSIC to Dance to and help CELEBRATE THE HEAVENLY COUPLE...

 Also our LIMO GUY, DOC, and WHAT a GUY HE IS, will be chaufering all from earth to the BRIDGE and back before midnite.. we all know up here that you still on earth have no intentions of staying with us at this time...BOL!!!!

SOOOOOO, we are hoping that all of you will be able to attend the ceremony and the GRAND GALA RECEPTION.. Sparkman and I, are looking forward to all our friends coming to our special Day events and helping us celebrate the MOST HAPPY TIME IN OUR LIVES... WHEN WE BECOME ONE!!!!!
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  • Unnamed (Dec 19th 8:13 pm)
  • pepsi--resting in peace (5 months ago)

    Ok. Ok. Fine. I will wear the purple dress....... geez, can't it be a naked ceremony?????

  • Doc (5 months ago)

    We can hardly wait! Got the Horses eatin' their BEANS! Got the GAS-X ready! Got the other Limos TURBO CHARGED!

  • Angel Lance (5 months ago)

    This is going to be a great wedding, i can just see it! Love, Lance & Kit

  • Whiskey, Blue and Jasper (5 months ago)

    This is going to be spectacular fun!

  • Ming (5 months ago)

    As Mommy has to attend a more earthly wedding that day we wish you the very best and send a big CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sophie 6/19/12, Angel Mollie (8/27/08-6/16/12) & Angel Daisy (2/26/00-12/10/08) (5 months ago)

    Wouldn't miss it!! And, Morgan, my mom says the same thing!! Love Mollie and Angel Daisy

  • Paco (5 months ago)

    I'll be thinking of you, sweet Ladybug!

  • Morgan, The Miracle Maltese (5 months ago)

    Dear Ladybug and Sparkman, "The Big Boss Willing and if the Rain Clouds don't rise" I will be there will bells on. (If you're confused my Mom always use to say "God willing and the creeks don't rise"......oh, guess you just had to be there.:) We are very excited and since I'm the ringbearer (I heard I right) Simba and I will use our Angel Wings and fly in there a bachelor dinner? Luv and Angel Hugs, Morgie

  • Boris & Minnie is online! Boris & Minnie (5 months ago)


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