Gmom goofed
Hi everyone, no we still don't have a computer.  But we think about our friends all the time.  We haven't been on the computer at all since the breakin.  Can you imagine 1 computer and 3 people, then add 2 dogs into the mix?  Needless to say, we get the puter last, so that means never. 

So Gmom goofed.  Here's what she did.  Mom, Gmom and the Beaux bet on the football games every week.  They have a confidence pool between the 3 of them for fun.  Winner gets bragging rights for the week.  Yesterday, Mom told Gmom she picked Minnesota and Mom picked New York Jets and the winner of the pool would be the winner of the game.  Well, the Jets won the game.  Therefore Mom thought she won this week.  Gmom called bragging saying she won, but Mom said you picked MN.  Well, GMom went back and checked her records and she found out she flip flopped her picks when she emailed them to us and instead of picking NYJ she picked MN.  Mom is kinda willing to let her change her pick (only cuz she's Gmom).  What do you guys think?  If she changes it, Mom loses by ONE point.  We can't let her lose, can we???  But it is Gmom......
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