Angel Ladybug's Pawty!!!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO LADYBUG O.K. O.K. Quit laughing Sparky.. or you'll be sleeping on the cloud in the corner...

I told GERTRUDE that this was way tooooo much BIRTHDAY FUU FUU!!! After all... I am 14 years old today.. and so what that I'm partying at THE BRIDGE. This is going to be the BEST PARTY YET..

 Are you through blowing up all those PINK AND LAVENDER BALLOONS??

Sparkman looks at his LOVE, thinking... what did I get myself into... He continues to huff and puff, rushing around getting every thing organized, all the party hats and noise makers ready....

OH MY... Do I smell something burning he says... Ladybug is busy busting her BUTT, fluffing out her ears, tail and HER TOP KNOT, which she always took so much pride in...

Troting over to her drawer that she keeps all her BLING in, she looks confused as to just what will go with this NEW LOOK THAT her "Beloved Gertrude" has given her...

Sparkman, knowing that he is far from being a multitasker, runs to the kitchen, hoping that the cake which Ladybug sweat buckets over making hasn't burned.... He see's smoke coming from the oven.... OH LORDY!!! What am I to do... I know that Pepsi has moved to the other side of the Rainbow Bridge now that her Mom has arrived...boy do we miss her cooking and her recipes were to kill for..... He opens the oven door looking in and HUMMMMMFFFF!!!! Must have been my eyes.. the cake looks like it is done and ready for the PINK FROSTING and candles....

Angel Ladybug finishes her TOP KNOT... spraying some of her best cologne that Sparky bought her... JUST BECAUSE.. he is so sweet.....

The CHIMES start to make the most beautiful sounds, as many of their Dearest Friends start arriving... What a Great Day the Lord has given me she thinks, as she and Sparky trot quickly to their Misty Door to MAKE WELCOME All that are coming to help CELEBRATE THE ANGEL LADYBUG's 14th Birthday.. HER FIRST HERE at the BRIDGE...... WELCOME WELCOME WELCOME to you ALL!!!

Sparkman and Ladybug look at each other with a sparkle in their eyes...asking.. O.K... Who invited the "hamsters"... Look how cute they are dressed though...... and they brought their own party hats too.....Welcome to the hamsters too.....
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  • Unnamed (Dec 20th 7:59 am)
  • ANGEL SPARKMAN SEXY SHIH TZU (RIP 1/3/09) (10 months ago)

    Ladybug we did great. How did you like your ankel bracelet and your tiara I bought you? I thought since they were lavendar and pink you would have worn them at the party. Love you forever. You look cute as a bug. And those hamsters were the life of the party. xoxoxoxo

  • Doc (10 months ago)

    Sorry we missed your Pawty!!!!!! HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY TO YOU BRIDGE ANGEL LADYBUG! HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY TO YOU BRIDGE ANGEL LADYBUG! from the Colorado Gang-Doc,Buddy,Spike,Misti and Brutus

  • Morgan, The Miracle Maltese (10 months ago)

    WOW Ladybug, THAT was some took me two days to recover!!I don't think Simba was really happy with me at the end of the night...she actually turned off the heat in our sleep number waterbed and I was freezing just like most of the country. Thanks for the looked beautiful. I really liked your new dooooooooo. Luv and Angel Hugs, Morgie

  • Duke a flying Angel (10 months ago)

    this si really a very busy and exciting party!!!!

  • Unnamed (11 months ago)

    happy birthday. be sure to invite zafaria, and chauncey and noel and cloudy and purri and Lucy. they would all just love to party. besides zafaria needs some fun time with chauncey and we are trying to get noel and lucey, the two young cute beagles together up there and a party would be great. by the way your pink birthday outfit is stunning. i wish i could wear stuff like that but my hair would clash with pink. does it come in lavander? love puppy and the pack

  • Pokey (11 months ago)

    What a party!!!!! Have a great time!!

  • BEN THE TOP MODEL (11 months ago)


  • Sandy (11 months ago)

    Happy Birthday to a beautiful Ladybug!

  • Mouse, Scooter, Teenie, Rabbit and "Angel" Crickette (The Min Pin Gang) (11 months ago)


  • Angel Max (11 months ago)

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY to a beautiful lady. (I hope that was OK by Mr. Sparkman BOL)

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