Reccommended Kibble for Great Danes
One of the most common issues new dane owners seem to face is the question of what to feed their pup. There is a lot of misinformation out there on the net, even more so given by vets and back yard breeders who think it's perfectly acceptable to feed a growing pup crap like Purina or Iams...and puppy food to boot!
A dane pup MUST be fed a high quality kibble or raw. We used to believe that protein levels should be kept low to prevent growth problems in the bones and joints. We now know, that protein is NOT an issue as long as the source of protien comes from real meat instead of grains.
What this means is: IF you are feeding a good quality grain inclusive food, where the majority if not the entirety of protein comes from grain...then we want to keep the levels below 24 -25 %. HOWEVER...if you are feeding a high quality, grain free food for all life stages, like Taste of the wild, Orijjen, or Blue Buffalo GF...then protein content is not an issue.
A dog's digestive system is not made to process grains. The body doesn't utilize grains properly. This is why you will find a dog that is fed grain inclusive food will have more output (aka stool) than a dog fed raw, or a grain free kibble.The concern in regards to growth, is actually calcium and phospherous ratios. As well as high calories, and fat content. Calcium is what makes bones grow faster...thus we NEVER give any supplement whatsoever that contains calcium, and we must be careful that the food we choose is around 1-1.5%.

The top reccommended foods suitable for danes are as follows:

Taste of the wild (All flavors are fine for a pup)
Blue Buffallo (Grain free version is best o course)
Innova Large breed adult,
Evo ( Evo should only be fed after 18 onths....this grain free version has a very high fat content and calcium is higher than the other flavors. So it's not reccommended for a pup.

Innova large breed puppy is one of the very few puppy foods that is safe for a dane pup. It is the only one that I personally have experience with and can reccomend in good conscience.

Chicken soup for the dog lovers soul...ADULT large breed. This is a grain inclusive food of high quality but the puppy version is not suitable.

Natures Domain (Costcos new grain free option) is almost the same as taste of the wild and is cheaper...alot of dane owners are going with this food if their costco's carry it.

California Natural

Eagle pack was once highly used in the dane community but since changing ownership, most no longer like this brand. Plus it contains beet pulp, among a few other ingredients that are contraversial.

There are some more..I just can't think of them at the moment but those are the most popular by far.

Remember...vets do NOT study nutrition and what little they do know, is usually wrong for this breed. Many new dane owners make the mistake of taking everything their vet tells them in regards to their pup as gospel, often times to the detriment of the dog. As a dane owner, finding a vet that is truly knowlegeable about the breed, and is open and honest enough to be ok with the owner giving THEM insight and ideas...based on experienced dane owner hard to do. So do your research, and be comfortable that your vet is willing to learn. Make sure you ask fellow experienced dane people before jumping at what a vet tells you in regards to your pup.

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