don't worry about us

my dear friends,
we'll be on vacation for 3-4 days. so don't worry if u don't c not even one comment from us in any of your journals or new pix. i,Taz and Ben will stay with grandparents and our mom and dad r goin to Kefalonia island. we wish we could go with 'em but the airplane can only care 2 dogs and we r 3. so parents couldn't decide which one of us will stay behind with the grandparents. so..all of our 12 paws r staying here and mom and dad r going for vacations. we'll upload pix as soon as they get back . we'll miss ya momma and daddy ! we know u'll miss us too!

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  • Unnamed (Apr 23rd 7:16 pm)
  • Tessa (2 months from now)

    Have fun at your grandparents! Tell your mom and dad to have a good time too!

  • Jasper (2 months from now)

    Hope everyone has a safe and wonderful vacation; don't wear out the grandparents! BOL! , Jasper, Sophie-Rae and Mom's Angels

  • Unnamed (2 months from now)

    Have a great vacation and can't wait to see the pics. I bet your grandparents will spoiled all of you!

  • Rain (2 months from now)

    It's Ok Ben....we'll miss you but please enjoy your vacations

  • duffus (2 months from now)

    we can't wait for pictures, sorry you guys couldn't go too but just thank how grandmum wil spoiled you while mommy and daddy are gone, BOL we'll be looken.

  • Jake the Rake (2 months from now)

    We will be looking forward to the pics!

  • Shiloh (2 months from now)

    Safe travels, we'll miss you

  • Kane and Daisy (2 months from now)

    Have a wonderful vacation, and we look forward to hearing from you soon.

  • Tommy Tunes is online! Tommy Tunes (2 months from now)

    Hope you all enjoy yur vacation.

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