Went to the doctors with Mystique
Yesterday mommy tired to take Mystique for a car ride without me! No way I said. last time Mystique spent the night somewhere and came home all grouchy. I begged and whined and she let me go with them. We went to a new place with nice people call Greener Pastures Vet Services - Big and Small. I met a few other dogs and there was a cat in a box who was very loud and unfriendly. They took Mystique through a door and proof she was back and they where all laughing.They took her again and after what was like forever....mom talked a lot to the ladies behind the big desk, Mystique was back and seemed a lot nicer. She even let me sniff her belly, which made them all laugh again. This weekend I get to play with the boy, Liam, and his dog.
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  • Unnamed (Dec 18th 8:30 am)
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