Puppy Latte! YUM!!!

Mom went to Starbucks this morning and I got my usual "ohhh, he's sooo cute" from the girl in the drive thru window.  Then she asked my mom, "why don't you ever order him a puppy latte".  Mom was like, "uh, no, the last thing that spaz needs is caffiene".  The girl told her, "it is just milk foam, dogs love it.  Here, watch him". So mom hands me a coffee cup with the best fluffy stuff in he world in it.  Holy moly, it was so good I ate the cup too.  Get your parents to order a Puppy Latte for you the next time they go to Starbucks, they're fantastic!

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  • Unnamed (Dec 17th 9:36 pm)
  • ♦Casper♦ (10 months ago)

    YUM HOW MUCH IS IT?!?!?!?!?!

  • Moose (3 months ago)

    Wow sounds yummy....I'm going to get my Mom to take me there so I can try it.

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