Moms sad Today
Yesterday I met my feline brother Linus at the Rainbow Bridge. He had been sick for a while but he kept from Mom pretty good until he couldn't help it. I was so glad to see him but I know it was hard for Mom when I had to go. Mom called me her "Baby Boy" but she called Linus her "Musher". Thats because he was such a lover. Now we are together in the garden so we can all hear the birds singin... (read more)

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OMD. It has sure been a while
There is not a day which goes by that I do not think of you all. This year has started out a little rough, but is getting better and better. 2013 is about a new year with new beginnings for us and we are opening our arms to embrass opportunity. How has everyone been doing?

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We love you all
Thank you so much for all the lovely cards, thoughts, prayers, kind words, and dedications. You all are very loving people and we have held you all dear to our hearts through everything we have gone through. We thought we would let you all know how much we appreciate you. Please pass this on. Big doggy licks to you all!!!!! BTW... We have several new patterns listed on our website for ordering f... (read more)

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R.I.P. dearest Bauser
We posted Bauser's tribute on our website. Please check it out for all the details. If you do not know where to find our site send us a PM. Big hugs to you all and thank you for all your support.

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Ever wonder what your puppy sees???
Very interesting... What Can Your Puppy See?

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