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Kona Kat (Cat)
Current Mood Blessed
Age 5 years
Birthday April 15, 2009
Gender Male
Favorite Toy feather toy
Favorite Activity scratching on the chair
Favorite Food Whisker lickins
Number of Friends 282
100 Friend Badge
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Hi, I am Kona Kat. My owner Barry, is Rudy, Little Bit and Bailey's human brother. He brought me here from Hawaii. Boy, what a change that was. From constant 86 degrees to all this different weather and snow! OMC!

about me

I came here all the way from the Isle of Oahu. I live with my human Barry. He is a retired soldier. I am his therapy cat. He likes to pet me all the time. 

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I will be moving

Posted on: 4 years ago

I will be moving my profile to my sponsor Daddy's site. Yippee! i am one happy angel!


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