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Lucky & Beckham (Beagle)
Current Mood Sleepy
Age 7 years
Birthday October 17, 2007
Gender Male
Favorite Toy Squeaky Red Bull
Favorite Activity Eating, Sleeping, Eating, Running, Sleeping, Eating
Favorite Food Pizza - but Mum won't let us have any :(
Pet-Peeves Yappy dogs - why are you doing that? Shuddup already and let me sniff you.
Tricks I know sit, stay, jump over, roll over, spin, turn, touch and loads more...
Number of Friends 11


We are The Doggy Duo - We live in Auckland, NZ and our mission is to de-grumpify all the grumpy folk out there with our pathological cuteness and inability to understand anyone not loving us to bits. We WILL be nice at you until you give in and stroke our tummies. Mmmm.... tummy tickles.... we like tummy tickles.. As well as getting more than our fair share of tummy tickles and cuddles, we're also therapy dogs, which is great coz it means even MORE strokes and tickles. We also go to school twice a week and get to hang out with all our other doggy friends. We really like nap time and are nearly always first to find a beanbag to curl up in, and we start snoring really quickly. Mum takes us on lots of walks and every month we meet up with all the other beagles at the beagle club. Sometimes we get to roll in cow dung on the walks which is AWESOME and nearly as wonderful as duck poop.

about me

Lucky: I love food, tummy tickles, water, mud, more food, sitting on Mum's knee, cuddles, baths, smooshies, food and ear strokes. I hate the laptop coz it steals my spot on Mum's knee. Beckham: I love food, ear rubs, stretching, sleeping, food, playing hide n seek, agility, being rubbed dry with a towel and back scratches. I hate mud, water and baths. Nasty things, get me all wet.

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So relaxed today

Posted on: 3 years ago

Today was BRILLIANT! Mum went on a dog massage course and Lucky and I were the practice dogs. We started the day with a great drive in the car, we like going fast, it's like running without getting all puffy, and then we went for a really long walk. When we got back from the walk, instead of getting back in the car we met Beth, the massage teacher and we really liked her, she gave us treats... (read more)


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