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R.I.P. MY SWEET MISSY BEAR (Cocker Spaniel)
Current Mood Loved
Age 19 years
Birthday September 17, 1995
Gender Female
Favorite Toy Stuffed cow
Favorite Activity car rides & being with my mommy
Favorite Food Strawberry Ice Cream & Cherry Tim Bits
Pet-Peeves When I couldn't be with my mommy
Tricks Giving hugs
Number of Friends 3075
1k Friend Badge
My Handsome Buddy Boy Smith
DOGS LIVE HERE If you don't want to be greeted with paws and...
Friends 3187
R.I.P. My Sweet Girl Misty Dawn Smith
May 1, 1994 - February 5, 2011 R.I.P. MY SWEET BABY GI...
Friends 2169


Picture Captions

She is your friend, your partner, your defender, your dog. You are her life, her love, her leader. She will be yours, faithful and true, to the last beat of her heart. You owe it to her to be worthy of such devotion. Click to get cool Animations for your MySpace profile

Name: Missy Bear
Nickname: Baby Girl
Age: I am @ Rainbow Bridge
Siblings: Buddy Boy, Baby Doll & Kitty Gang
Owners: Christine & Dennis
Breed: Cocker Spaniel
Loves: my mommy, walks & running around
Hates: Dog Food
Hair Color: Black with a small white spot on my chest
Eye Color: pretty brown as my mommy loves my eyes
Favorite Color: not really sure
Personality: sweet, lovable, huggable & NEVER barked
Favorite Food: Strawberry ice cream, cherry tim bits & human food
Favorite Drink: Water, Water, Water, Water

September 17, 1995 - November 27, 2006

R.I. P. my beloved baby girl who I really miss as my heart aches for you. I miss talking to you, playing with you, and so much more. You were a great dog who I wish that I had one more moment with you. I miss you laying on my legs as we watched tv as you would look up at me as I knew you wanted to be loved. You really loved playing in the snow as I would go out with you and play with you as you would jump all around the snow and by the time you got done, you would be full of snow and I miss that. I know you are in a better place as you didn't feel good the last few days of your life. It was really hard to lay you to rest but I knew you didn't feel well. I couldn't sleep for a week cause all I could see was you and I wanted you back to badly. You will always be in my heart and thoughts! I LOVE YOU MY BABY GIRL!!!!!

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Missy Bear was born September 17, 1995 but we didn't get her til November 1998 from a lady who couldn't take care of her anymore and we were so blessed to have her. She was pure black with a small white patch on her neck. She had the shortest tail I have ever seen and when she would "wag" that small tail, her bum would wag and I loved it and I would call her wiggle bum. When she wasn't groomed, she looked like a bear so that is why she had her middle name as Bear. I miss my Missy Bear but I will always have the wonderful memories of her. She is greatly missed!!!!

As I sit here, I am remembering all the great times we had together as we would go in the car and go to our local ice cream shoppe and get an ice cream.  You loved strawberry ice cream on a cone as I would hold the cone so you can enjoy every morsel.  I miss those times we spent playing together, going for walks, watching you play & "helping" with the laundry.  I miss you so much Missy Bear as my heart still aches for you but I know you are not hurting anymore but I just wish that I could hold you just one more time.  It was very hard lettig you go but I know it was for the best as I didn't want you to hurt.  I want to thank you for being in my life & for loving me.

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Christmas Bell from Unnamed
We're sending you sweet New Year Wishes, Missy Bear!
Birthday Cake from Unnamed
Happy Birthday! -The Rat Pack
Baby Ragdoll from Unnamed
Here's a sweet baby doll for you, Missy Bear!
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6 yrs since Missy Bear has left my arms!!!

Posted on: 2 years ago

  Yesterday, November 27th, 6 yrs ago, my sweet Missy Bear left my arms due to health problems.  My heart has never ever been the same.  I feel so bad that I didn't put this up yesterday but with so much going on w/ our family due to John leaving our hearts due to an accident, my mind hasn't been anywhere but w/ John.  When Missy Bear came into our lives, I was so happy.


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  • Unnamed (Dec 22nd 4:55 am)
  • Keri, Jondalar and Muffin, our precious Angels (3 months ago)

    Happy Birthday, Missy Bear! Love, Angel Keri, Angel Buddy, Angel Muffin, Angel Jondalar, Gracie Mae, Holly, Keegan, Andy and Barney

  • Angel Casey (1 year ago)

    Happy Birthday!!

  • Angel Tommy Tunes 6/6/97 - 8/28/14 (1 year ago)

    Happy Birthday Missy Bear!!! Tommy & Freddy

  • Czar Bishop (1 year ago)

    arooooooooooooo Angel Missy Bear. Hope you have a great birthday

  • Sherlock and Angel Ace (1 year ago)

    happy birthday Missy Bear

  • Angel Shakira, 2008-2014 (1 year ago)

    have a very happy bridge birthday girlfriend

  • Napa Michael (1 year ago)

    happy birthday Missy Bear

  • Charlie my Angel & Angel Chester (1 year ago)

    Happy Birthday our sweet Angel friend...

  • Angel Dolce' 09/14/11-1/5/13 (2 years ago)

    Hi Missy, I’m Angel Dolce’ the CEO of Maqnifiscent Grooming & Finishing Splash! Thank you for being our new furriend. I wanted to tell you about our new product that was created all because of lil’ old me! We have a SCRATCH & SMELL Pet Grooming Spray that's so gentle it's safe for all furbabies! We just know that you WILL LOVE it! With over 200 scents to choose from such as: Cotton Candy, Dark Chocolate, and Lilac, we can custom make any fragrance that you’d like your furbaby to smell like! In my Honor, Mommy and Daddy now have my own flavor available as of 2/5/13 on my 1 month Angel Date, which features me on the bottle with my Angel Wings and my Halo that I received once I made it to The Rainbow Bridge. In addition, $2 of every bottle of my New Flavor sold will be donated to our Local St. Tammany Parish NO-KILL Animal Center!! If you do not wish to make a purchase, you can visit our website and click on the DONATE button on our Products Page to help give a furbaby their furever home today! Please check us out at LIKE us on facebook for chance to win free giveaways. Follow us on twitter @maqnifigroom Thanks! Puppy Hugs from the Rainbow Bridge Dolce’ 09/14/11-1/5/13

  • Trixie (2 years ago)


  • Leo (2 years ago)

    Happy Birthday Angel Missy Bear....

  • Sandy (2 years ago)

    Happy Birthday Angel Missy Bear!

  • Angel Tommy Tunes 6/6/97 - 8/28/14 (2 years ago)

    Happy Birthday Angel Missy!!! Tommy Freddy

  • Angel Casey (2 years ago)

    Happy Birthday!!

  • Czar Bishop (2 years ago)

    aro0o0o0o0o Angel Missy (that means happy birthday)

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