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Nobile (Cane Corso)
Current Mood Happy
Age 8 years
Birthday January 6, 2006
Gender Female
Favorite Toy Fridolin, a stuffed dog
Favorite Activity Playing with my buddies
Number of Friends 541
500 Friend Badge



Name: Nobile
Nicknames: Nobi, SchaZZi, Zecke, Börti, Karnotte, etc..
Breed: Cane Corso Italiano
Country: Austria (Lower Austria)
Date of Birth: 6.1.2006

about me

My name is Nobile, and I'm a Cane Corso. I live with my mommy named Andrea in Lower Austria (near Vienna). My best Friend is also a Cane Corso, named Santa. My favourite toy is a stuffed dog named Fridolin and my "futterball", a ball filled with dog food. We like to meet friends and havin' fun.

I hope to get here some new friends.

I have my one Website:

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Backlash with my knees

Posted on: 6 years ago

Yesterday we were in the veterinary hospital, because my left knee made problems. They made a x-ray of my both knees to see what happens.The right one is still okay, but on my left knee (the TPLO was in June 2008) I have an inflammation (I hope it's the right word for it). Now I have to take some pills (for 2 weeks) to get well. If it doesn't get better, I have to go for anew OP - to remove the im...


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