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Chipper (Cocker Spaniel)
Current Mood Excited
Age 7 years
Birthday November 1, 2007
Gender Male
Favorite Toy Anything Romeo has
Favorite Activity Sitting In Mom's Chair
Number of Friends 1833
1k Friend BadgeRunt - Not too shy to talk!
Friends 1862
Angel Cooper
My name is Cooper. Everyone thinks it's a cool name. I'm s...
Friends 797




My 2010 chip in greetings slideshow:

One of my favorite things is to bother my brother...Now that I'm the same size  we can chase each other pretty fast!  I'm a bit of a fraidy cat, however when we go out for walks.  I don't like bikes, loud trucks, scooters, strollers, skateboards and some other stuff.  I hope I get over this because then I can go more places! 

about me

In January of 2008, Aly from the IL Cocker Rescue called my mom to see if she would foster a puppy. She said yes, so Aly rescued several puppies from a puppy mill in Mo.  My mom went to the IL Cocker Rescue and fell in love with me right away.  She tucked me into her coat and took me home. The others were adopted out the same day also!!  Then later that day she went to PetSmart to get a collar for me and she made a name tag for me with her phone numbers on it.  I think that meant she forgot she was going to only keep me for a little while...Now she says she couldn't have given me up and I'm now in my forever home which I really love.  I like to bother my big brother!  Then he chases me around!  I really love the dog park.  I can run and run and have lots of fun!

latest gifts and journal entries

Birthday Cake from Sophie 6/19/12, Angel Mollie (8/27/08-6/16/12) & Angel Daisy (2/26/00-12/10/08)
Happy Birthday Handsome!! Love, Sophie
Birthday Cupcakes from Romeo Beau
Wishing you a Very Happy Birthday, Chipper! Hugs, Romeo
Ragdoll Tiger from Aran
Happy birthday Chipper. Love Aran Frank and mom
All journal entries

Todsy is my Birthday and I am 7 years old!

Posted on: 2 months ago

My birthday and Mikey of the Nazario pack is the same. Our Mom's met in January as we both got adopted the same day, even though I was supposed to a foster pup, but I am sure glad she kept me!


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  • Unnamed (Dec 23rd 12:05 am)
  • Henry (3 days ago)

    Hi Romeo, Chipper, Angel Cooper and mom Karen! Thank you for the Christmas photo card, you all are so handsome! We hope you have a wonderful Christmas too, and get lots of toys and treats and prezzies for your mom

  • Hannah Banana (2 weeks ago)

    Hi sweet eyes, that's how I tell you apart. (((((HUGS))))) thank you for my Christmas card, I love it. Mom just ordered my cards so they will be out soon. I love you guys and will be a better furiend. Do you know my mom still has the card for Cooper in the visor!!! Do you mind if mom sends it with your Christmas prezzies? Have a good rest of the week okay.

  • Leo (2 months ago)

    Happy Birthday Chipper!!!! and yum.. hope you had a special day!!!!

  • Cinnamon (2 months ago)

    happy birthday sweetie. x

  • Presley (2 months ago)

    Happy, Happy Birthday to our VERY special friend Chipper. We hope your day is filled with all the things that make you happy (and lots of extra treats). Love...Presley & Jovi

  • Aran (2 months ago)

    Wishing you the happiest of birthdays good buddy. Love Aran Frank and mom.

  • cammy (2 months ago)

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHIPPER!!!! Hope you have a pawsome day. love cammy

  • Willie Nillie...Handsome Angel (2 months ago)

    Happy Barkday Chipper!

  • Freddy Girl is online! Freddy Girl (2 months ago)

    Happy Birthday, Chipper!!! We LOVE you lots and lots! Angel Tommy, Freddy, Dad

  • Hannah Banana (2 months ago)

    Happy Birthday Chipper, I hope the day will be full of all you like. Mommy doesn't think any more, she promises she will get better about birthdays. Have a good one okay. (((((HUGS)))))

  • Angel Foley Monster (2 months ago)

    Happy birthday Chipper Love you

  • Precious Our Angel (RIP) 6-20-05~7-18-09 (2 months ago)

    "Happy Birthday 2014" Sweet Chipper! so close to Halloween, just think all them Halloween treats and then Birthday gifts & treats.. xoxoxoxo Precious & Tasha

  • Prince (2 months ago)

    "Happy 7th Birthday 2014" Chipper! Hope you have a wonderful day! xoxoxo Prince

  • Charlie my Angel & Angel Chester (2 months ago)

    Happy Birthday Chipper...We hope you have the best birthday ever and cheers to many many more... Angels Charlie & Chester and Joey,too!!!

  • Keegan (2 months ago)

    Happy Birthday, Chipper! Love, Keegan, Gracie Mae, Holly, Andy, Barney, Angel Buddy, Angel Keri, Angel Muffin and Angel Jondalar

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