Hey Guys and Girls (especially GIRLS)!

I´m living in Austria/Tyrol/Haiming!

I´m looking for some friends!

my baby black

Do you think that I´m a good-looking doggy?

Yeah? Then come on - send me a message!

My birthday: 9th of January, 2007

My favourites: Mommy, Daddy, all my uncles and aunts, ┼×hirin (Turkish Kangal), Tonja (Boxer), Lord R.I.P. (Cavalier King Charles Spaniel), Rox (Rotti), Roxy (Rotti), Pagira (Rotti), and all the others...

My breed name is Biko vom Faustschlössl, but mom and dad thought it doesn´t fit (espacially because my dad´s name is Niko - so it would sound a little strange - "Niko - earm - no Biko DON´T bite my toes!")

My dog parents are Wanda vom Neutor and Gringo vom Grüntenblick. They are the reason why i look that good - they do too!

Croping? No thank you!

I think croping tails and ears is a thing which must not be!

You hurt your dog and for what?

Just because it looks better?

But I don't tell you what to do! Its your thing! But think about it!

I will like you - even without some body parts!


about me

Hey, my name is Demian. I´m a good-looking Rottweiler (so everyone tells me).

Demian is the name of a book by Hermann Hesse. It´s mommys favourite book.

You articulate it like "Damien" but write it "Demian" - because it sounds better *gg*

I´m playing all the day - ok, sometimes I´m sleeping or eating - but most of the time I am playing and running and all these things - you know?!

I love the disney film "Homeward bound". Chance is that cool - like I am!


LEFT - Thats MEEEE!!! In the dog obedience school!

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Happy Birthday Demian.
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Happy Birthday!
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Birthday! =D

Posted on: 4 years ago

Hey guys!Thank you so much for all the great birthday wishes!It was a nice day!I got a special meal and lots of love.Thank you so much!Kisses and Hugs from Austria!Demian


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