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Tabaatha (Bedlington Terrier)
Current Mood Fabulous
Age 6 years
Birthday April 23, 2007
Gender Female
Favorite Toy Anything my brother Baarney has
Favorite Activity Modeling, jumping on my brother's head and playing with my toys
Number of Friends 1076
1k Friend BadgeRunt - Not too shy to talk!
"Did you say ice cream! Thanks to Blake...
Friends 1173


"Nobody Tells The Princess No!"


Birthday420cat20and20dog2020bits-3.jpg picture by DSchipin

about me

My name is Tabaatha and I am a Bedlington Terrier. That's why I have a "baa" in my name because we look like lambs.  I'm not quite 1.5 years old but I'm in charge. I live with my mommy and daddy who I love very much and my older brother Baarney. I love him too even though I sometimes drive him crazy.

I came to live with my mommy, daddy & Baarney when I was 8 weeks old. From the moment I walked into my home, I knew it was all mine. There wasn't even a question. You see, I am the princess. Not in the fairy tale sense but in the sense that everything is mine and I can do no wrong. If mom and dad say no to me, I look at them like "do you know who you are talking to. I am the princess." But I am really, really sweet. I will sit on mom and dads lap all day (if I could) and kiss them. I love every person and every dog. Everyone says I'm so sweet and of course they are right. I also talk alot. I make noises whenever I want something or am told not to do something. Again, the princess has her rights.

I also have a very important job. I am the top model for my mommy's company Read My Paws. You might have seen me in Modern Dog and a few other doggie magazines. I did this modeling at 6 months old. And, it isn't airbrushed. Since I was a tiny baby, I've had an eye for the camera. I know when it is looking at me and I always pose.

I love my life. I love my brother Baarney so much. I like to play with all his toys, even if I have my own, and sometimes I get so excited that I can't help but jump on his head. What can I say. I'm a princess and it's my way of showing love!

Mommy and daddy try to take Baarney and me with them everywhere they can. We both get to sleep in their bed and we just have the best time together. I'm so happy. I love having lots of friends. I hope you will be mine.

Thanks to Holly and her Mom for this awesome flashing picture of me. Lambie kisses coming your way!

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Birthday Cake from Petey
Happy bday cutie
Birthday Cupcakes from Willie Nillie...Handsome Angel
Happy Birthday! xoxoxo Willie, Jessie and Kristi K
Snowman from Unnamed
Merry Christmas Princess! Love from us to you!!
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Thank You EVERYONE For My Birthday Wishes

Posted on: 3 years ago

Hi all my sweet and wonderful doggie friends:Thank you for all the birthday wishes and gifts I got yesterday. You can be sure I ate every single one of the food gifts. BOL. You doggies are the bestest in the whole wide world and I feel so lucky and honored.I also had an amazing birthday party that was fit for a princess. You all thought the big Royal party was next weekend, but your are wrong. Pri...


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  • Unnamed (Apr 21st 7:04 am)
  • Tashi (5 months ago)

    Tabaatha, Tiara, Trixie and I want to thank you and Baarney for the Christmas card with your pictures. You both are so cute. We hope Santa is real good to you guys and that you have a blessed Christmas celebrating Christ's birth.

  • Hannah Banana (6 months ago)

    Hi Taabatha, how's things going. I'm doing good. It's finally getting cooler here. How your weather? I'll bark soon okay.

  • Napa Michael (12 months ago)

    happy birthday

  • Shakira Jennifer (12 months ago)

    happy birthday girlfriend

  • Angel Apollo Xavier (2003-2009) (12 months ago)

    Tabaatha, I woke up and barked at my calender and ask it if any of my paw friends had bark-days today...well it barked back(yes calenders up here can bark, meow, chirp or talk in any animal language they need's a bridge thingee)well anyways it said to me "Apollo today is the lovely Tabaatha's bark-day so why don't you get up, put your wings on and get down there and wish her a happy here I am to wish you the happiest bark-day ever..give everyone licks from me..I miss you all and love always Angel Apollo

  • Willie Nillie...Handsome Angel (12 months ago)

    Happy Birthday Tabaatha! Hope you had a pawsome day!

  • Sully (12 months ago)

    Happy Birthday.........Hope you have a Fantastic Day!!!

  • Molly (12 months ago)

    Happy Birthday..........Hope it's full of fun and surprises!!!

  • Jake the Rake (12 months ago)


  • Presley (12 months ago)

    Happy Birthday to the sweetest, most beautiful Princess we know. We will all have a beer in your honor today Miss Tabaatha!!! Love...Atlas, Presley & Jovi

  • Charlie my Angel & Angel Chester (12 months ago)

    Happy Birthday Tabaatha...We hope you have a great birthday...

  • Cinnamon (12 months ago)

    happy birthday

  • Tommy Tunes (12 months ago)

    Happy Birthday Sweet Tabaatha!!! Enjoy yur SPECIAL Day! Tommy Freddy

  • Joey (Joe Cool) (12 months ago)

    Happy Birthday Tabaatha...I hope you have a wonderful birthday and may you be blessed with many more...

  • Precious Our Angel (RIP) 6-20-05~7-18-09 (12 months ago)

    "Happy Birthday" Princess Tabaatha! May you be very blessed! xoxoxoxoox Tasha & Precious

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