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Dixieland Delight (German Shepherd Dog)
Current Mood Dorky
Age 8 years
Birthday April 21, 2006
Gender Female
Favorite Toy BALL!
Favorite Activity Fetch
Number of Friends 78
I'm a foreigner with a passport.
Friends 103


I love my life!

about me

I am a very pretty but BIG girl.  My ears are big, my nose is big, my tail is long and my teeth are sharp.  Even though I'm big, I'm really a sweetheart.

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Birthday Cupcakes from Pokey
Happy Barkday!
Bear Balloons from Doxie
Happy Birthday!!
Birthday Cake from Unnamed
Happy Birthday Dixieland!!
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  • Unnamed (Dec 19th 11:56 am)
  • Dixie (6 years ago)

    We have the same birthday and almost the same name. Happy Birthday!

  • Jack-Jack (6 years ago)

    Happy Birthday, Dixieland Delight! Enjoy YOUR day!!

  • Hannah Banana & Buck (6 years ago)

    Happy Birthday!!!

  • Rocky (6 years ago)

    Hi Dixieland Delight!! Thanks for being my friend. You are very beautiful!!

  • Durango (6 years ago)

    I'm Dixie's half brother and I think everyone should know the truth about her. She is a great singer! When her mom starts to howl, Dixie starts to sing and she is really good. Since Dixie really loves sticks (actually it is an obsession), her singing name is Dixie Stick! The truth is out :)

  • Taco (6 years ago)


  • Tequila (6 years ago)


  • Chance & Snuggles (6 years ago)

    Hey Dixieland Delight! Thanks for being our friend. We love GSDs! Chance and Snuggles

  • Shadow (6 years ago)

    Dixieland Delight, Thanks for being my friend! You are beautiful. Tail wagging Shadow!

  • ~Duece~ (6 years ago)

    Hey There Pretty Lady! Did you know there's a song that must have been written about you? Your New Paw Pal~Duece

  • Mokey Pokey (6 years ago)

    Hi'ya Dixieland Delight, it's Mokey here. Thanks for being my BIG new friend! I'm as small as you are big. Despite my size, I am full of big girl energy and enthusiasm for playing and snuggling. I left you a gift as my new doggie friend. It's the thing we dog's share best... the gift of love! Keep that tail a waggin'! ~Mokey Pokey

  • Odie'A Thunder Nickerson (6 years ago)

    Hi Dixieland Delight: Thank you for adding me as a friend. You look perfect what are you talking about? I love the picture of you standing, dada says it reminds him of me. (He loves to watch me stand, and run.) Don't know why?

  • mystic (6 years ago)

    hi dixieland I love your name my Mom lives and was raised in the south and says there is nothing better than being Southren everyone likes Soutern girls thanks for being my friend

  • Dixieland Delight (6 years ago)

    I'm so happy to have a doggy space. I want Poudre and Durango to be my friends!

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