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Pinney Beach (Boston Terrier)
Current Mood Cheerful
Age 7 years
Birthday May 5, 2007
Gender Female
Favorite Toy my squeaky lizzard
Favorite Activity hanging out with my mom and dad
Number of Friends 177
100 Friend Badge


Pinney's Beach is a beach on the island of Nevis. My mom and dad's three previous little Boston Terriers were named after Jimmy Buffett lyrics. They wanted something tropical, so chose my name. I have lived up to the name as I love the beach and like to go on boat rides. In fact, I love to go on anything moving - cars, four wheelers, you name it, I love it. My mom and dad think I am the sweetest little doggy and they are crazy about me.

about me

My mom and dad are retired and are dog lovers. Our family travels alot and I get to go if possible. I'm very sad if they go somewhere and leave me behind. But sometimes my parents go and I get to stay home with my sister Sara and niece Shiner (she's a Boston,too).

I joined my mom and dad in July of 2007. They had just lost Lola, their 12 year old Boston. Their hearts were broken and were not going to get another dog. But they found me in a newspaper ad one morning and as soon as they saw me, I stole their hearts.

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