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Prince (French Bulldog)
Current Mood Blessed
Age 8 years
Birthday January 24, 2006
Gender Male
Favorite Toy squeeky pig from Lindsey
Favorite Activity chasing squirrels ! rounding up the sheep ! getting attention from everyone !
Number of Friends 267
100 Friend BadgeElder - Wise beyond years!
Precious Our Angel (RIP) 6-20-05~7-18-09
Precious 6-20-05 7-18-0 A truly loved "Little Bulldog Angel...
Friends 269
Gabby & Angel
Girls will be girls!
Friends 131


Happy_Easter-1-1.gif picture by DSchipinAlwayHappy_Easter-1-1.gif picture by DSchipins having to run the show !

about me

I came into my mommy's life at eight weeks old in 2006, she had just lost her last English Bulldog "Angel " I have brought her sooooooo much happiness ! stress ! and comfort ! woof !woof ! she takes me on her ATV ! we, ok ! I chase and scare the sheep when she is trying to feed them. My pet peeve is letting them know who's boss ! I go to Lowe's and Home Depot and ride in the basket, everyone know's and love's me there, and calls me by my name. Mama let's me hang out the driver's window when we go places, but now the law changed and I have to be harnessed to the seat ! she said, it is for the safety of all ! I love being a pampered pooch ! woof ! woof ! for now from Oregon ! Prince

latest gifts and journal entries

Purple Egg from Molly (Molly, Belle's Highland Girl)
Happy Easter dear Prince. Love, Molly and my Mom
Valentines Gift Box from Megan
Happy Valentines day to all of you..Love Megan, Promise, Mckinsie and Molly Mcq
Birthday Cupcakes from Jessie Belle
Happy Birthday! xoxoxo Angel Willie, Jessie, Roscoe and Angel Kristi K
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A Special Birthday is coming up

Posted on: 3 weeks ago

Hi Paw parents! The Boxerbabie's mama "Miss Heather Fox" has a Birthday coming up on April 12th..   I thought since she sends us doggies a Birthday card on our Birthdays maybe we can all find a way to send her a Birthday card for her Birthday! Let's surprise her!   she is such a wonderful lady!   and I just know we can give her a Birthday she will never forget.. If


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  • Unnamed (Apr 24th 1:54 pm)
  • Rusty (R.I.P) (3 days ago)

    Yes he is Prince, we love hanging around together. Thanks he is a cutie isn't he? Heehee

  • Molly (Molly, Belle's Highland Girl) (1 week ago)

    Sweet Prince, Mom sent your Mom an e-card. It might have gone into your junk folder. Ooopsie! Love, Molly and my Mom

  • Molly (Molly, Belle's Highland Girl) (1 week ago)

    Dear Prince we're so glad you and your family liked your gifts. Mom knew she and I would think of you every time I snuggled on my lovely blanket your Mom made me...she wanted to return the favor. Friendship is a blessing and we're thankful for yours. It's nice to look around and see little reminders that you're in someones thoughts and prayers. So thank-you for our gift, and once again we're so glad you liked yours. Happy Easter to you and your family. Love, Molly and my Mom

  • Molly (Molly, Belle's Highland Girl) (2 weeks ago)

    Dear Prince, we have sent you a little something to remember us by just in time for Easter. We don't know if you can receive PM seeing as how you can't send them. So your USPS tracking # is 9114901189866767430037 Your package is currently in EUGENE, OR . Happy Easter!! Love, Molly and my Mom

  • Hannah Banana (2 weeks ago)

    Prince, mom hasn't been able to get on today but we just got on to say thanks to you and your wonderful sister (angels included) and your mom for this great blanket and bandana. Mommy said its the lab and Labradoodle blanket. It's great. Thank you very much my furiends, pass the hugs around too okay. I'll bark bark as soon as mom figures out what happened to the Internet for the whole day.

  • Rusty (R.I.P) (2 weeks ago)

    Hello Prince awwww thank you, heehee.

  • Sushi (2 weeks ago)

    I got the box today !!! THANK-YOU so much. The blanket is sooooo cute and you know how I love bandanas !!! Moms gonna charge her camera and take some pics :) Thank-you so much again we love them all !!!

  • Enzo (2 weeks ago)

    Just stopping by to say thank you so very much to you and your sweet Mommy for the absolutely beautiful blanket and bandana. Mom will be "posing" me for some photos when the newspaper comes on Saturday, then we will post some photos of your lovely gifts. Thank you again for everything. Golden Kisses, Enzo

  • Hannah Banana (2 weeks ago)

    I'm so cited Prince, toot pacing,smiling, wagging my tail. Woo Hoo. I told mom to send you some of my treats but you have to let her know what you want. click "mommy has a store, go to treats, then then search "I love your dog treats", lots of my DS besties like and even love them. Let me know so mommy can make them fresh for you(it takes two days to make them)but she wants you to choose, because she wont just send them. Thanks again,

  • Sushi (2 weeks ago)

    Oh my !! I will be sitting by the front door :) Thanks again and we sure will post pictures !!

  • Molly (Molly, Belle's Highland Girl) (2 weeks ago)

    Sweet Prince and family, We're glad to hear you got your card. Yups Mommy keeps her eyes peeled for cute doggy cards too. I am feeling better and that makes my Mom feel better. We're really hoping this is just a food intolerance as that would be so very easy to fix. Take care and thank-you so much for just being you. Love, Molly and my Mom

  • Hannah Banana (2 weeks ago)

    Zzzzzzz I'm soooo sleepy but mom said I had a package coming from you and your sisters. Oh boy I can't wait, but mom said I had too. Thank you all for making me feel special.

  • T.J. (2 weeks ago)

    Hi Prince, we got through all that bad weather yesterday, sunshine today I'm going outside and see what I can find, hope you have a good Tuesday to my friend, hugs

  • Prince (3 weeks ago)

    Thanks T.J. It was pretty nice here this afternoon, 70 degrees so mama went out and sprayed the weeds. started to wash the truck and noticed she has a flat tire she let a neighbor borrow her compressor two weeks ago and they never returned it yet she just found out they are out of town.. we live ten miles from town so mama decided to she will have to get another way into town tomorrow because she has an appointment at 11.a.m. I guess when it rains it pours! Have a nice evening..are you sending us your address? yes or no? Prince..

  • T.J. (3 weeks ago)

    Have a wonderful Sunday, my friend hugs T. J. !

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