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maverick (Labrador Retriever)
Current Mood Relaxed
Age 10 years
Birthday December 17, 2003
Gender Male
Favorite Toy FRISBEE
Favorite Activity EATING TREATS
Number of Friends 149
100 Friend Badge

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Bear Balloons from Morena
Here are some pretty balloons to make that boo-boo go bye-bye! Luv, Morena
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New Dogpark opening in Dallas

Posted on: 6 years ago

Just want to let all my doggy friends know about the new Unleashed Indoor Dogpark that is opening in March. It looks like so much fun, check out the website for info.


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  • Unnamed (Oct 1st 10:18 pm)
  • Daisy (R.I.P 5/01/09) (9 months ago)

    Happy Birthday.......Hope all of your wishes come true!!!

  • Sully (9 months ago)

    Happy Birthday..........Hope it's Extra Special!!!

  • Daisy (R.I.P 5/01/09) (2 years ago)

    Happy Birthday........Hope your day is full of fun and surprises!!!

  • Sully (2 years ago)

    Happy Birthday........Hope you have a fantastic day!!!

  • Daisy (R.I.P 5/01/09) (3 years ago)

    Wishing you a Very Happy Birthday!!!

  • Sully (3 years ago)

    Happy Birthday........Hope it's Pawsome!!!

  • Daisy (R.I.P 5/01/09) (4 years ago)

    Happy Birthday..........I hope its GREAT!!!

  • Sully (4 years ago)

    Happy Birthday..........I hope you get lots of yummy treats and great presents!!!

  • Buddy (4 years ago)

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! from the Colorado Gang-Doc,Buddy,Spike,Misti and Brutus

  • Shakira Jennifer (5 years ago)

    I just you for being my friend

  • Angel Apollo Xavier (2003-2009) (5 years ago)

    happy bark-day

  • Angel Apollo Xavier (2003-2009) (5 years ago)

    Hi Maverick, How are you? Mom is so busy this summer she can't take a vacation so she decided we would take a virtual vacation here on doggyspace. We want to go to as many places as we can. Mom said she thinks we can travel 200 thousand miles this summer. I think she's nuts but I'm up for her game. Mom would like to know where in Texas you live so she can put down how many miles we traveled to see you. Bol...yes now I know she's nuts. I have brought a ball so we can play a little bit and if you don't mind please tell mom one thing she can do while we are there

  • Abby Silverman (Google Me!!) (6 years ago)

    Mav! You are a WAY handsome boy and yes you look just like me I thought I was looking in the mirror.... Thanks for asking to be my friend! WOOF! Woof! Abby Mae Silverman

  • Olive and Cloud (6 years ago)

    Hi Mav!! So my mom got back last night from Austin. I was soooo depressed while she was gone. I went with my daddy to the airport to pick her up. My mom loved Texas. It was in the 70s! Back in Minnesota now..cold in the 20s. BBRRR. How are you? Love, your girl friend, Olive

  • Bailey (6 years ago)

    Yes I have my lepto shot and booster. I guess it is a good thing that my mom keeps up on all our shots. cuz I'm sure I'll go possum hunting again.

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