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Cosmo (French Bulldog)
Current Mood Jolly
Age 8 years
Birthday May 27, 2006
Gender Male
Favorite Toy All of them
Favorite Activity Playing and Eating
Number of Friends 82


Okay some say I'm not so cute but my mom says I am handsome.  And my mom knows best

about me

I am a 3 year old brindle French Bulldog.  I live with my mom and dad and my human elder sisters in Paeonian Springs, VA.  We live in the country and I have a fenced yard also.  I can jump the gate on the porch so my mom really has to watch me.  She has been training me not to do that.  I am a spoiled littl guy.  I'm the only boy in the house besides my dad.  He eats lots of potato chips and gets messy.  I help by vacuuming his shirt and cleaning him up.  I like to play at the fence with our neighbor dogs.  They are lots of fun.  My mom got me from someone who needed to rehome me.  My mom always wanted an English but she got me instead and she says he is glad to have me.  She calls me Handsome Man everyday.  I love to play and then snuggle up under the covers next to her and sleep.  I must touch whomever I am sleeping beside.  Just a little touch.  I'm a snuggler.  We play frisbee.  Mom is going to take me to the new doggy park in our neighborhood so I can play.  I get along pretty much with everyone.

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Birthday Cake from Precious Our Angel (RIP) 6-20-05~7-18-09
"Happy 4th Birthday" Cosmo!
Birthday Cake from Prince
Make a wish and blow out all three candles! okay make three wishes! hurry up before the icing melts!
Birthday Cake from Precious Our Angel (RIP) 6-20-05~7-18-09
Three candles for your third Birthday!
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