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Izzy (Labrador Retriever)
Current Mood Energetic
Age 7 years
Birthday October 18, 2007
Gender Female
Favorite Toy any stuffie and kong
Favorite Activity playing keep a way with Bailey & Mystic
Number of Friends 279
100 Friend Badge
Friends 287
Friends 293


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about me

 I'm Isadora Vickie's rough diamond AKA "Izzy" I'm  a charcoal lab ( mom likes unusal colors) and I'm the youngest in my pack. I have no sad story to tell I Like my pack mate ,Mystic came from Willowbrook kennel in NewYork State. My mom saw my picture and fell in love with me. Happy to say I now live in Sunny Fl. I have a great pack, First there is Stella she is the oldest and she is the boss dog  She doesn't play much.  Mom says she is past her playing time . Then there are Bailey & Mystic , they are just a little older than me.  I'm a good puppy. I have been through 2 different obedience classes. I want to go to an agility class.  I'd have to say my favorite activity is going to the paw beach. I'm not big on swimming but I love to run up and down the beach and play in the surf. I will swim to mom if she goes out and calls me. I have a good mom she does lots of really cool things for us. She keeps us a steady supply of stuffies ,even though we de-fluff them. We get some really awsome treats mom calls them the "Coach & Louis treats" because they some how come from our buddies Coach & Louis. she lets us play in the hose even when she is really trying to water her orchids. and she is always ready to play fetch with us. Mom is our biggest cheerleader when we play chase.  I have enjoyed meeting all my great friends here on doggyspace. I love making new friends so stop by and give a bark  i'll try to bark back as quick as mom possible   bol

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Birthday Cake from Pastor Fonzie Tuxedo
Happy Birthday, Izzy. May you be blessed with a whole year of HAPPY!
Purple Egg from SissyConsuela
Look we found a Special Easter Egg for you! Hope it has yummy treats inside hehe Much Love for you from Alabama♥♥
Smiley Face from Jack
Thanks for being my friend.....Jack
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Posted on: 6 years ago

To all my wonderful friends I hope every one has a special valentine.


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