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Clover (Mixed)
Current Mood Happy
Age 7 years
Birthday April 4, 2007
Gender Female
Favorite Toy my Tuffy
Favorite Activity playing catch with my mommy
Number of Friends 55


Valentines day <3

about me

Hey! I'm Clover! I'm a lab/collie mix. :D I love meeting new friends and playing catch in open fields. :D I'm super good at day I hope to be a lifeguard or something! My mom scuba dives for fun so maybe one day..I'll be able to join her. My favorite season is winter, and soon me and my mom are going to go live in Boone! where it'll be winter almost all the time! :) SNOW! oooo and i love toys

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Bear Balloons from My Angel Bailey
hope you have a pawsome Birthday
Birthday Cake from Unnamed
A Very Happy Birthday to you Clover
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Posted on: 6 years ago

Hey everyone...:( I'm really sad because the bakey is closing... :( no more free treats!We're closing Oct. 6th. but there are still alot of treats that need to be sold, and everything in the store is 33 percent off! (thats a lot of dog treats! and toys!) So come by and get some yummy treats! maybe early christmas gifts? for your friends! -Clover D.don't want it to close....


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  • Unnamed (Dec 20th 12:13 pm)
  • Bruiser (6 years ago)

    Happy Birthday to You, Happy Birthday to You, Happy Birthday Dear Beauty, Happy Birthday to You! We hope your day is as special to you as you are to Doggyspace. Sending you huge Birthday Hugs from our whole Doggyspace Family!

  • Reba Messina -10/15/95 -11/8/12 (6 years ago)

    Welcome to the GenChan Group Clover. I just love your pictures. They are priceless!

  • Clint (6 years ago)

    Wow, that is so sad about the bakery. My mom has a 3 dog cookbook just for me, at least we have some of the recipes. Thanks for being my friend Clover and you're pretty cute yourself.

  • Clover (6 years ago)

    Hey, we're the only two Clovers on DoggySpace. Cool! Love the picture of the water coming out of your nose!!!!!

  • Santana (6 years ago)

    Hey Clover, your a very pretty girl. Thanks so much for being my friend. oh yeah, very cool doggy page too :) ~Santana~

  • Angel Max (6 years ago)

    We are going to beg Mom to take us to your work. We love yummy treats! Max, Pepper and Spencer

  • Odie'A Thunder Nickerson (6 years ago)

    Hi Clover: Thank you for adding me as a friend. Sounds like you have a very hard job. He he. Does your boss let you th computer on company time?

  • Jubei (6 years ago)

    Hi Clover, you look like such a sweet and proper girl! Thanks for adding me as your friend! Jubei

  • Romeo (6 years ago)

    Hi Clover my little Beautyqueen, how's it going? MY Mom was to the Bakery, she was sooooo sad that you were not there. But soon she will see you, will she?? I want to come too, when you are there. Maybe we can have some treats together?????

  • Angel Max (6 years ago)

    Hey Clover, You sure are pretty and we three guys are sorry that you are taken! Love, Max, Pepper and Spencer

  • Stuka (6 years ago)

    Hey Clover, Thanks for the add!! Stay in touch!! Woof woof!!

  • Gunner (6 years ago)

    Hello Clover, Thanks for the add!! You look so cute!! Woof woof!!

  • Keelee (6 years ago)

    Hey pretty girl. Have a great weekend. Wooof!

  • Cheyanne (6 years ago)

    Hello Clover, you look cute in the flowers!! Wow it must be great to have a job in a bakery, I wish I could find a job like that, I would definitely like to be the Taster, to make sure everything is fresh and yummy!! hehe Thanks for being friends!! P.S. My mom would like to know if ya do mail orders?

  • Romeo (6 years ago)

    Hi Clover, wow your list of friends is growing. Isn't that a great thing? This doggyspace works. And our Moms love it too. My Moms face is beaming with happiness, when she shows me my new friens and new messages. What about your Mom? Same Way???

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