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Mighty Mike - RIP (Australian Shepherd)
Current Mood Flirty
Age 11 years
Birthday December 31, 2002
Gender Male
Favorite Toy sticks
Favorite Activity chasing balls, playing with my pack, jumping hurdles in a single bound!
Number of Friends 2304
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Peyton Marie
I Will ShareThese are my toys......
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I Love To Be Free

The wind rushing past

My owner yelling my name


we are playing chase again!

When I let her catch me, she always says:

I love you, don't ever do that again!

Then she hugs me. What a great game!

about me

My mom used to be the crossing guard at French Settlement High School in Louisiana and someone threw me out of a passing truck. She already had four dogs and resisted taking me home for a couple of days. Then her daughter left school one day, crying. When my mom asked her what was wrong, my sissy told her the principle said he would suspend anyone else caught feeding me, then the custodian picked me up and threw me over the fence! Mom got sooo angry! She walked straight to her car, opened the door and said, "Get in Mike. You are coming home with us for Thanksgiving". I never went back to that place and neither did my mom! She refused to work another day at a place that would abuse an animal that was already abandoned. She said she would find me a good home. She did....hers! That was five years ago.  Mom said she didn't name me, it was just the only name that fit! I am great at posing, flirtin' with the ladies, and taking off peoples' shoes ( I know if the shoes are off, the people will stay for awhile)!

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Mighty Mike Is Gone

Posted on: 10 months ago

I am sad to say Mighty Mike went to the rainbow bridge on January 20, 2014. His vet said he was a force of life! I will forever miss my boy and will ache until we can be together again. He was my boy, my big ole boy, my Mighty Mike.


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